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Friday, February 18, 2011

Watching movie with Wella

This morning, I was so worried because Wella sms me to watch a movie of Jake Gyllenhaal.
But I don’t have extra money. I told her, I couldn’t go out because I cannot afford… but she replied,‘ I will treat you’… I was so happy and relieved. I asked mom if she can give me 100 but she doesn’t have 100… the only money left in her wallet was 20 php. She told me to ask dad… but I’m intimidated to ask money to dad because he might moan. I told mom to ask it to dad for me… hehe I thought mom wouldn’t do it but she does. Dad called me and asked, what are you going to do with the money… I told him, Wella sms me to watch a movie of her favorite Hollywood actor but I don’t have extra money thought she will treat me but I still need money… He replied tsk tsk tsk poor daughter … then he gave me 200 php… I shouted; muchas gracias father earth! Then I run back to my room and took a shower.

When I get to robinsons, I was surprised… there was a chef competitions from Golden State College school. They have different exhibits of dining tables presentations and different ways of preparing sandwiches. I took a picture of it after we’ve watch ‘ Love and Other Drugs’.
Afterwards, we went at Giacominos restaurant to eat and talk then we go straight back home.
That’s all darling. I love you so much mwah mwah mwah! miss you too my John.
Wella and the movie we've watched.

Me and the different dining tables exhibits

The different ways of preparing sandwiches

This is the 1st winner
This are all chef... busy making thier own recipe.

The food I ate for supper