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Monday, August 30, 2010

My artistic coating

This morning I went at the other lot of my dad to take a picture of the latest updates about the new garage of his trucks and the employees temporary house. So much for that, nothing else follows... I'd been so lazy in updating my blog... yeah, been lazy...! maybe I'm just too excited to see my darling on the 15th of September! yeeehheyyy! heheh... in fact, I am so busy thinking of my own artistic nail coating. I tried it at my sister's finger nails. Below are the pictures I took today and yesterday. Thats all for now i'm getting so sleepy ... bye bye yoow... love you darling mwah mwah mwah! muchas gracias mi amor for the new laptop though its not yet in my hands but i trust you darling that you'll soon gonna give it to me heheh... for now, i will erase it in my mind so I will be surprise when you give it to me.. hehe... can't wait to have it darling... i love you so so so much...! as much as the stars above the sky and as wide as the sea water. I honestly love you darling and I'm serious... no kidding ... being a pain sometimes is just an accessories of my love for you... i love you my John... nighty night mwah! speak later.

My artistic coating: a strawberry like at the left side and a blue french style with a line up buttons at right side.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Feast of St. Augustine

I went out awhile ago with my brothers and sister for lunch at my father 's friend house. They are celebrating the feast of St. Augustine, and inviting us to have a lunch at there house. While waiting for the whole pork barbecue ( Litson as what we call it in lay mans term ), we're enjoying to have some photo shot around there garden. The couple has two house, the husband and the wife lives in different houses because the husband doesn't want to be disturb when he sleep. His house is surrounded with lots of assorted flowers and plants while the wife is living fronting the husbands house together with their children... funny isn't it? but only both of them knows exactly the reason behind the scene, but I'm quiet sure, there's no malicious reasons. The celebration was held in the wife's house but we were in the husbands house while we are waiting for the Litson. hehe After lunch we go back home straight away. Here's the photos... enjoy watching. later again. I love you darling! mwah! send my Happy Birthday greetings to Jason, Joanne and Joshua. love you all... mwah!

My elder bro. Meljun, younger bro. Fhoks, youngest sis Melody, sis-in-law Lalai, my two niece Mikiela and Quiarra and nephew Mckenzie

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hacienda's of father earth...(*__*)... lol

I just done brushing all the bed sheets and I'm here in my bedroom at the moment relaxing. Got a sore back, four heavy bed sheets I brushed meticulously, making sure no dirt's will missed up. Its windy outside it seems like its going to rain again now now.

A while ago, I went to our vacant lot, to see the progress of dads project. Father earth wants to make all the ground covered with cement making it all concrete so he could park all of his trucks neatly. He also planned to build a boarding house of his employees ( truck drivers and the laborer) who lives far away here in gensan. I took some photos so I could show some of it here.

It's raining hard just now. I'm waiting for my John's sms. I beat he's awake now 6:59 am already in his time there. hmm maybe his thinking of me now? hehe .. He sms me right away when he get up from bed and sometimes before he go to work. hmm I might reply late because I left our umbrella at Gaisano mall and it took about 3 days before I remembered that I left it at the baggage counter. It cost 20 pesos for each over night. I was thinking, I would rather buy a new one instead of paying 60 pesos? hmmm negligence causes too much damage. hehe im off now the rains goes slow, maybe i could just use a towel to cover myself going at the store to load some credit. I love you darling mwah!

This is it

Two gates because its a private lot the other block is a housing for government

Me covering my father earth's shirt.. I actually bring him an extra shirt

The main entrance

My father earth wearing red short pants.. he looks like a buddha lol

That is a huge vacant lot next to dad's so-called hacienda lol

The posts is ready for building boarding house

Making the cement floor manually

Its a 4 sq. parts acquired by father earth and payable in 4 years or you can pay cash or in a short span of time

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Copy cat Melody hehe

I had a great time chatting with my darling this morning, and I am smiling thinking the funny thing of wha John says about asking me: 'is there something written in my forehead myti ? that says blah blah blah ( I forgot the exact sentence so I just presumed it goes kinda like that)... hehe

I do all the house chores today since my mom washed all of our clothes ( pants and shirts of dad, mine, melqui and melody's ). I'm only now in charge brushing the bed sheets and ironing clothes and the house chores. Sounds like tiresome isn't it? but I don't do it all straight away. In the morning, after chatting with my John, I cleans up the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. Then after that, I seat down at the stairs, relaxing for quite an hour thinking of my darling, then later on I soak the bed sheets in a powder and let expose to sunlight for whole day and continue brushing it the following morning. I take a shower after that, then do my walking exercise if there is no other work to do. At night time, is the time for me to iron clothes. Sometimes I sleep late when there are lots of clothes to iron specially when I missed to iron it in one or two nights.

Sometimes I take a shower twice in a day because it feels so stinky when I get sweaty during noon time. It's really hot and humid when its sunny. I was thinking of taking a nap awhile ago when I was all finish with my tasks but just before I could lay on my bed, I received John's sms, so I took a shower instead then had a coffee outside with melody... took some photo of me with my cup. Melody was somehow like a shadow of me, she was imitating wha im doing... a copy cat! hehe... below are the photos awhile ago. that's all for now ... time to eat supper. Love you darling mwah!

My cup of coffee

Here is Melody imitating me pointing her fresh scars