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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Holy Thursday

Last night, I already set my mind that i'm going to church for confession whether I like it or not, I must go. The reason why I do this is because I am really coward to go by myself... haha 
Half past 9 i started walking towards the church because it take 30 minutes to walk from my house to the  church and the confession will start by 10 to 11 am. While am on my way, I kept on practicing what to say to the priest. When I finally arrived at the church, I was so surprised that there's nobody in there...straight away I got out like a missile! hahaha I was so scared that there's nobody in there! I walked so fast going back  home! hahaha and I kept on laughing myself and muttered; 'you're so coward myti! you should of sit there and wait for the priest to appear or maybe just meditate and pray before going back home' but yet I was took by my cowardliness...oh dear! because the church here is totally different from our church in Phil..our church in Phil. is open that you can see the surrounding outside the church, while here in UK it is close type of building and outside are graveyards of dead people...imagine? you will really get scared if you are inside the church alone by yourself. But anyway, my mission is failed...I guess I will just do it in Phil.....~.~