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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Spaghetti for Quiarra

Today is Quiarra's 2nd birthday. That's here picture above... below is when we prepared spaghetti for her. Old folks says, that any kind of long noodles or pasta prepared during your birthday or new year will prolong your life, so that's why spaghetti is always present in any birthday occasions or new year. hehe believed it or not, its up to you but this is just one of the old folks theories that we have to adopted...hehe (*c,-)winked.

This is how I cook tastey and yummy spaghetti;

First, boil a water,

this how it looks like when it's boiling,

next, we prepared 1/4 of salt using hand,

drop the salt at the boiling water to make your pasta tasty, then prepare an oil

this is the oil we use but you can chose any brand you like.

just use half glass of that oil.

pour it in the boiling water so it wont make your pasta go sticky.

after dropping the oil, the water will stop boiling... so wait a couple of minutes until it goes boiling again.

prepare the 1 kilo of pasta and cut it all into two pieces so its easy to swirl it.

when the water boils again, drop all the pasta.

this is how it looks like after dropping all the pasta... the water will stop boiling again. set the time for 10 minutes to cook the pasta but as soon as the water will carry on boiling, keep on stirring the pasta to avoid sticking each other and underneth the cooking bowl.

stir it time to time

the water color will change and go white when the pasta is getting soft... after 10 minutes, extend more 3 minutes then turn off the stove.

as soon as you turn off the stove, rinse the pasta right away to avoid getting so soft.

rinse it quickly... the purpose of rinsing it is to get off the pasta's unwanted smell.

this is now the cooked pasta looks like

next is to cook the sauce.

prepare 3/4 of oil in a one shot of a rum glass

pour it in a hot pan.

this is now the pan looks like after dropping an oil... let it hit for a couple of minutes.

then prepare half of a big white union and 9 pieces of garlic... cut it in a tiny pieces

drop the garlic first then follow the union... stir it in a couple of minutes.

prepare the 1 kilo of mince beef... make sure it's rinse already.

pour the mince beef along with the tiny union and garling.

prepare another 1/4 of salt

sprinkled it in the mince beef.

then prepare an almost half of glass of soy sauce.

pour it at the mince meat

cover the pan for a couple of minutes

after few minutes, uncover it and stir it again

this how the mince beef looks like when its getting cooked

prepare the 1 kilo of hotdog... cut it into small cirlces.

mix it at the cooked mince meat.

stir it

then prepare 560 grams of filipino style spaghetti sauce, 750 grams of tomato and cheese sauce and 1 kilo of sweet sauce.

this is to make your spaghetti more tasty and yummy

pour it all and stir... set the stove into very low fire.

stir it for a couple of minutes

gikapoy nakog explain pag sure oi hehe

after a couple of minutes, mix all the pasta in the sauce

mix it well

this is how it looks like after mixing it... turn off the stove after 2 minutes.

prepare the cheese

cut it into that pieces

ok done!

this is emely my 24 yrs old sister... she's preparing the veggies she needed in her recipe.
my eldest bro meljun... busy cooking his recipe.

this is one of his recipe.
thats all... time to sleep now... i love you my darling john... mwah!