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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Last Sunday night, I felt so dizzy thinking about the shoulder bag at Michaela’s section inside Kcc mall. It’s a bit expensive though they are on sale. After an hour of meditations about the shoulder bag, I turned on my notebook and played jewel quest to stop thinking too much about the bag.

The following morning, I shared to my fiancée about what I’d been doing yesterday. I told him also about the shoulder bag. He already knew about the bag and waiting for me to buy it when he was still here with me but I was so undecided that time. Lately I realized that I really want the bag so much. My darling that has been always good to me, insisted me, to buy the bag after telling him how desperate I felt about the bag. Hehe I’m so happy when I finally bought the bag! It makes my soul contented and at peace. Hehe I took a picture right away so I can post it here yesterday but unfortunately, there was a sudden huge lightning and strong thunder then heavy rains followed. I was thinking maybe I would just post it by Tuesday to avoid lightning struck against my notebook because it happened once in my pc long time ago.

This morning while my darling John and I was chatting online, something wrong went on between us. I don’t know why I suddenly felt so sensitive and make small things go worst. It was about an odd dreams I’m sharing to him and he keeps on interrupting and correcting my grammar while I was explaining and I keep on repeating over and over again until it makes me so upset. My mind runs into a rubbish theory like maybe I’m just a sore in his bum. But as always, I ended up wrong. My darling never fought back against me. When I get hot tempered, he remains calm, and it hurts me, knowing how stupid I am sometimes. He never signed off until we get peace and loved again. I’m so lucky I have found such a kind and loving fiancée like my darling john. He never let me down when there is something that I ask from him and most of all, he loves me so much like how much I love him. He spoils me so much in everything. I don’t know if I could still carry on living life without him. I think we are just the same, so much deeply in love with each other. Ok I have to end this now… until then. Below are the pictures of his presents to me, during my birthday and the shoulder bag that I’d been talking about. He also gave me a roaming sim from o2 so I don’t need to top up my smart sim everyday to sms him. That’s how my darling loves me so much! I’m really so happy having him into my life! I love you darling mwah! Love you so much!
this is it.

the back.

My fiancee's presents during his latest visit here sept.15-oct. 4, 2010. Got a watch, two b-day cards from my darling and my future parents in-law, new notebook (Gateway), samsung quadband phone for my roaming o2 sim, and holiday in samal for 4 days 3 nights at bluejazz resort and the special chocolate and kettle krisps and my darling's big big big love for me to make me completely happy! hehe

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  1. aw ka sweet ni john oi... that's good day..nice man ang netbook pila ka inches imong lappy? maayo na day kay gihatagan jud ka...