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Monday, December 21, 2009

Q & A lastnight

I have just done editing the photos I took through web cam just now.. I took a photos of my self so my Darling john would have an idea what I look like while I'm updating my blog.

I'm wearing an outfit like in the first photo then I took off the blazer when I get home. I have a fudgee bar as my breakfast and a coffee. I'm thinking of updating my blog before going back to sleep so my Darling would have something to read in here and to give him an idea about what I had been doing.

I'm feeling sick right now, I have a cold and it makes my eyes a bit teary and hard to breathe because of the sinusitis. I can also feel that I will be having cough later. I took a shower early today like around 2:30 am. It makes me feel a bit better but I think I still need to drink a medicine.

Last night we are celebrating the 16th death anniversary of my grandma my mom's mother. I missed to take photos of my cousins and ante's in my moms' side sorry darling but among them I'm still the prettiest.. hehe jesting but actually not!.. hehe I was talking to one of my cousin last night about how I found my john and what he really is. She keep on asking me if I'm not afraid going with him later and live in there place. I replied to her that I'm not scared and if you really know the person that you truly love then there is no reason to get scared... all you need to do is to be open to your feelings and show what you really are, so both of you will know more each other and would know each limitations. I asked her, do you have plan to marry a foreigner too? she replied no because her heart wants a Filipino man only. And she asked me again, why chose a foreigner instead of a Filipino man? I replied, my heart belongs to a man who live in a very far place with a different culture than we have, I tried to chose a Filipino man but my heart is not attracted and refuses to love my fellow country man maybe my life is destined to be like this and it happeneds that my soul mate is a foreigner. No matter how you twist your fate if you are destined to have this man, fate will find a way to lead you to him. You will just surprised how things comes to what you didn't expected but it makes you feel happy and your heart feels at home and secured. So she just said, ah... then amazed. hehe Life is full of surprises in unexpected ways. So expect the unexpected...hehe enought for now... till then

I love you Darling john... speak tomorrow.. mwahh! mwaahh! mwaahh!

Friday, December 18, 2009

What a Life

This afternoon I was so feeling cross over my self. I was being harassed by the problems in life and I caught my self crying silently like tears suddenly fall down on my face and it makes me frown thinking why did I cry for this little problem I got?!.
To stop me from falling tears I made a poem to make me feel stronger. After I done writing this, I was relieve and back being Myti the great... hehe but my darling John is a bit upset today maybe because of me.. But I love him so much and I know he will be fine later... I will text him later before going to sleep to tell him that I love him so much... I love you so much my darling john.
Here's the poem I made:

Life is the most precious gift we ever have,
It allow us to experience the feelings of,
Excitement and disappointment,
Happiness and sadness,
Being proud and humiliated,
Powerful and frightened.....

When trials come along our way,
It gives us a challenge to fight for it
Without showing anybody that we
Almost feel defeated emotionally....

Some people give up, but some stands firm,
Some people cry, while other people don't,
Some people leave but some remains faithful.....

Why give up if you have enough knowledge and wisdom to overcome the trials?
Why frightened if you know you are braver than what people think?
Why worried if you know there is always a solutions?
Why chose to be sad if there is somebody waiting to comfort you?

Everyday is a new day and a new life to start with,
A new life to make things right
To correct what is wrong
To be more stronger than ever
To be more vigilant for a new challenge in life
And most of all,
To keep going and live for your love ones
Not just for your self.

Always bear in mind,
You are not alone
The love of your life is also there
Waiting for you to share your burden
When at times you could no longer carry it by yourself.

Thats all.....

Thank you listeners.. God bless! hehe

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The 9 mornings before xmas

I'm drinking coffee right now and thinking how to begin my updates.
The 9 mornings has just started yesterday and today is the second day already.
I feel so happy and contented and very eager to complete the 9 mornings before Christmas because I have something to wish for and I knew this will be granted because I have done this before and it did happened. God is so good all the time no matter how sinful we are as long as we ask forgiveness to Him specially confession for reconcilliation. He will not abandon us when ever we seek His comfort and guidance. Sincerity is the key to draw closer to Him and of course humility. I always wanted to live in a holy life but a lot of harrassment always draging me down most specially our human weaknesses the so-called built-in dark side we have like being stubborn, laziness and etc. But temptations can be avoidable its just a matter of how you descipline your built-in dark side. hehe no body is perfect though... that is why we should always ask God's guidance and enlightened us to do what is right and better.
Last night when I was about to sleep my phone rings and I was wondering who the heck phones' me then the light bulb suddenly appear in my mind and gave me an idea. hehe my Darling phones me hehe.. I love you so much my John..... I sleep well after we talk over the phone and didn't have a chance to dream because I woke up by 2 am to prepare going to church. Yez very early because yesterday it was 3:30 when we arrive at the church but we almost could not sit anymore because plenty of people are in there already. The earlier the better but I almost fall asleep inside the church. hehe after I will post this updates I'm going to sleep back again to regain my full energy. hehe I miss you my darling john.. kisses mwaahh!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A poem for my Darling

I have a boring weekend afternoon here and nothing else to do after doing the house chores and personal hygiene so I end up thinking of writting a poem for my darling john the love of my life. Here it is:


Once, there was a boring afternoon,
Got nothing to do but to think of you,
I suddenly have an idea of writting a poem for you.

But I could not think of what to say here,
So I wonder what if I was there?
I stop for awhile and think the words to write,
And start thinking what is right.

Will you ever be completely happy when I'm with you?
Cause life becomes incomplete without you.
Since I met you,
I could not help my self not to fall in love with you.

Though I know your miles away,
My heart carry on loving you this way,
Cause I know you truely love me,
And there is no other things that will makes you completely happy but me.

Correct me if I am wrong,
But I am 100% sure that I am not wrong,
You think of me everyday,
And your love for me is getting stronger each day,
Like I do against you day to day.

Now, I have to end this letter,
And carry on later,
Cause I can sense,
I'm running out of senses... hehe joke!

I should of say I'm running out of words to say,
but my feelings for you will stay,
And remain in love for you now and forever...
kisses mwaahh!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

During the Feast of Mother Mary

Yesterday we celebrate the Feast of Mother Mary being an Immaculate Conception. A lucky person who was chosen to bare our savior Jesus Christ.The Holy Mass celebration was held in our chapel as well as the baptism for babies. Steve recieved his first sacrament called baptism during that day. When the Holy mass ended, most of the houses within our barangay had prepared variant of foods for there visitors. Later on Dad was playing basketball for the championship but they didn't get it. I ask dad why they loose, he replied, we can't be a champion because I was the one who donated the prize for the champion and its not fair.... hehe At night time, there was a show at our mini plaza for the Search of Miss Pioneer. The day runs so fast and everybody now is still so tired and a bit dizzy because they'd been drunk last night. I got photos below enjoy watching. I love you so much my Darling John. Never a single time that I miss thinking of you. I was recharging my phone and uploading photos too from camera to laptop and while doing it, I was worried my john might gonna sms me twice already and I was right cause when I turn it on, I right away receive 2 sms from my darling. I love you so much my love of my life... kissess mwaahhhh! speak later.

Steve during baptism rites

Steve and I

Picture taking after baptism with the priest and Steve's god mothers and his parents

Steve and his parents

Steve and his Aunte my younger sis Emely

Steve inside our car on the way home

The foods we prepared for our visitors

Praying before meal with the visitors

Quiarra my niece from my elder bro

My niece and nephew from Emely

Aimee Grace and I

My mom's younger sis Alona and I

Me in my outfit yesterday..hehe

Quiarra in her outfit before she change it to black

Kentoy and his uncle my little cousin from my father's brother
And the last but not the least, the most controversial housemaid of the year Juliata a.k.a Etang and Honeylyn a.k.a Inday... hehe