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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines everyone...!(^.^)
Last night my darling surprises me with this half a dozen of  red roses, a box of ferrero rocher chocolate (my only favorite chocolate) and a valentine card...I asked him, 'why are you giving me that now? you suppose to give it to me tomorrow which is the valentines day!'... my darling replied, 'I just want to make sure that i will able to give you these... you will never know it might run out tomorrow..!'
awww...! my darling is so sweet..! I didn't expect that he will bother to be romantic this valentines day (in spite of the fact that we're already married)..(-.-) I was really so happy inside my heart.
Romance is getting lesser once you get married together because the husband tend to be complaisant...which is really wrong! married or not married, husband or partners should remain exciting and romantic with each other like everyday is a first date. It feels so nice when the husband will give an effort to make you feel happy...simple things or extra special thing you do for your partner makes no difference...what matter most is you made your partner very happy. That's all for now...I am very happy this valentines day!(^_^)

Monday, February 11, 2013


Hi, it's been quite a while since my last updates here..the reason why I didn't keep this up is because I couldn't post pictures here when I'm in my ipad. I always have to go to my desktop to upload pictures is so much hassle isn't it? Hmm.. I can see a bit of improvement here.. So I might update this every now and again. Right now, it is so boring here..very quite and the only sounds I can hear is our fish tank..I always use Facebook to express my feelings or otherwise, I might end up fighting with my husband because I'm so bored..I really can't wait to work! I'm not allowed to work yet because I'm still in a fiancée visa at the moment. Some people doesn't understand when I say I'm bored. They said I should do something constructive but, I'm tired of doing it again and again..! Well, I don't really mind if I always update my fb into something rubbishness because I believe we all got a freedom to express our selves to cope up long as we are not hurting some body's feelings it's wonder a lot of people tends to take their life off it's because they can't express their feelings and no body else is listening to daily routine as for the meantime is doing house chores, going out for walking exercise then Facebooking or playing my games in my ipad or my sudoku book. That's it for now..:)