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Friday, May 27, 2011

Feeling paranoid.

Lately I had been feeling so empty and lifeless. While waiting for my English test result, I felt like am out of this world. Am I on the verge of losing my sanity? Or am I just too worried of the outcome? Whatever it is, I am certain that I’m too beautiful, smart and valiant to become insane. That is why there is second and third to assure that you still have chances if you missed the first time. However, I don’t want to take other chances anymore. I wish the first attempt would be positive and the final one. I can’t wait to be in my darling’s arms again. My life is getting so dreary without having him beside me. I’m also getting tired of short time jollities. I want an everlasting happiness with him. Loneliness is already part of my life before I met him, but it is more horrible knowing that there is somebody who loves you dearly and you felt the same way around. Anyway, I just got his good night sms. He is hoping that I will think of him before I fall asleep. My darling, if you only know, you are stuck into my mind like a bubble gum when it stick to your hair it won’t come off anymore. I love you so much my love, my darling john. I’m off to bed now. Speak later. Miss you so much darling! mwaahh!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Exercising my fluency

A while ago I was writing an email to the love of my life. I frequently send him an email lately instead of updating this site. More so, I find it more convenient to express my feelings towards him for I am too bold to speak out what I felt. However, I would still carry on sharing my thoughts over here whenever I am in a groove to do so. In addition with this, I was been busy doing my review for an English test on this coming 18th, May 2011 which will be held at Davao. I am urge to aim a band score of 7 to make sure I passed the test. It is a combination of listening, reading, writing and speaking test. In listening test, there is a test booklet to fill up the missing data or words and a choice of 4 letters from the conversation played in the music player. And this will only played once. I can say that in this part, I am struggling. Talking about the reading, it is also a bit tricky for there are 4 different articles that are answerable by true/false/not-given or a yes/no/not-given answer, sustain the blank sentences and the matching of titles to each paragraphs. I should say that it is quite difficult too for it is so deceiving. Going through writing, it is an essay and letter writing. I would say that I am comfortable in this part but I have a trouble when it comes to coherence especially in essay. Examiners want an organise answer and I always tend to rumble up my ideas. I have the same problem as well in speaking. Further more, the used of big words and an idiomatic expression is a plus factor for the examinee. Precisely, that is why I suddenly determined to update this site so I can practice more of my fluency and organising my thoughts. I will be glad to hear any comments of my friends and those individual out there that are patronizing my page about my grammar and my coherence in this statement that I shared. Come on guys don’t just read this… give me a penny of your thoughts. A good or negative comment is not a big deal for me but I will definitely appreciate it. There is a small message box in the left side where you can post your comments and suggestions if you wish to give an effective tip. To paraphrase my premise, I therefore say that I love my darling John so much! That is why I am working hard to develop my consistency in English speaking because I dreamed to be with my darling John one day and to get bind with him and to generate our own offspring. I love you darling! mwah! Good night and sweet dreams. I am off to bed now.