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Sunday, November 22, 2009


Yesterday was just a fine day for me. I woke up early and had my sit ups exercise then the walking. While doing the walking I'm thinking of my darling too. I can feel he seems worried I dunno because when he told me that he dreamed a chicken I suddenly think that it could be a problem. When I read the interpretation of his dream, I was right, it is something like a worriness over something I dunno but its about the future to come. My darling and I, had an opposite dreamed. Before he dream about the chicken, I dreamed a tiger standing before me and staring at me in a very calm posture. There are two interpretation of dreaming a tiger. If you have dreamed a wild tiger, that is a reminder of a problem coming, but, if you dreamed a calm tiger, that mean, a goodluck if you will run a business and a positive energy for the coming future. I never think of a problem as a problem because it will just makes me worried. As long as there is a solution in this problem then why worried? and besides, there is some other things that when you think about it, it seems like a problem, but when you think it over from the very beggining why it becomes a problem, you will notice it ain't a problem at all. Sometimes we are just making thing a problem when in fact it isn't. So whenever you get a problem, try to think from the very beggining why this thing become a problem. And if it is indeed a problem, think of the possible solution then worry not no more.
After doing my exercise, I was thinking of talking a photos about the changes of our yard. As you can see the photos below, the posts has a long chairs now and the garden with a little fence are full of grass now before it was just a plants and a black sand.hehe
Later will be my darling's bday.. I wish I was with him so I can hug and kiss him and whisper Happy Birthday HOney... dont worry about your age its just an age.. hehe i have to end this now my darling is texting me to get online now now... I love you so much my John. kissess mwaahh!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Short love story

We have a fine morning here today its a bit cold no Sun yet but its not that gloomy. I woke up around 6 am to read my darling's updates but I dont see any updates yet. So I decided to update mine instead. Just now I heared the native people doing their instrumental caroling. I like the way they play with this long can covered with a rubber mantle. It drives you to dance. hehe
I have a little story to tell since I dont have much to share about what im doing now..
The other last night, Agaw and Batiti were sleeping at the track where it was being fixed somewhere at the car shop. That shop has lots of young boys who does smelling rugby all the time with a dirty face like they never take a bath for a year and some other man who seems like a criminal. Agaw was chase by a man who carries a long sharp knife while the car technicians was pointed with a gun by somebody and Batiti was sitting next to him and he never does anything but to sit and stare at the ground like no spirit at all. The following morning which is yesterday, they went here early and tells dad about what happened. Batiti was very hot and still shocked though we wasn't touch by the bad guys. hehe It supposed to be Agaw in a shocking moment but Agaw was laughing while telling all the story. They all went at the shop and I dunno what happened next. When they back home, Batiti stay upstairs to there quarter and seems didn't know what to do. I ask our house maid why he seems like shock then Elvie told me that Kentoys nanny broke up with him... hehe I was then singing a desperate song to tease him.. and I told everybody the reason why he seems so affected when in fact, he wasn't being in jeopardy the night they were being attacked by the bad guys. hehe I ask Etang [Kentoy's nanny] why she broke up with him.. but she just smiled and didn't answer. So I ask Inday [ Mikiela's nanny] the reason why and she said, its because Batiti keeps on playing poker and no time for her. haha I told Etang to reunite with him before Batiti will think of committing suicide.. hehe I was trying to scare her the possible thing will happen to Batiti if she will not love him again. hehe
Now, Batiti is back to normal feeling and he now smile and talk. I assumed Etang told him to carry on there relationship. Oh well, what a life.... hehe Love can really affect emotions..
I have to end this now because im almost get cut off.. I love you so much my darling John.. I miss you so much and im thinking of you my love... speak later.. kissess mwahhhh!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas tree and phone call

I just done enhancing the photos I took just awhile ago. This morning I was doing my exercise before I do the house chores. Then by afternoon, I'd been busy decorating our Christmas tree. But I never miss thinking of waking up my darling through sending him sms. I took a shower afterwards then I had a little exercise again before eating my supper. I also watch America's Next Top Model then later on I went at Lyn-lyn's house together with mom, lalai and our housemaids to do our daily prayer like praying rosary. After we had done our prayer, I decided to take a photos of our Christmas tree before thinking of updating my blog. I checked my phone too before going downstairs and I saw 4 missed calls from my darling. I feel a bit sad for a moment because I miss to answer my John's phone call. But I said to my mind maybe he will phone me again later... so I carry on taking photos downstairs. When I was in my room downloading the photos, my phone ring's again and I feel so happy cause I knew it is from my darling. heheh Im so happy to hear his voice.. I love him so much and im missing him terribly.

I'm going to sleep now...later again...I love you so much my darling John.. speak later.. and dont forget Im thinking of you most of the time day by day and most of all, I love you lots...kiss mwaahh!
Below are the photos I took awhile ago... enjoy watching.....

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A little bit busy me

I was been busy today.. after chatting with my darling, I took a shower and had my breakfast. Then I went at Avon company to get the order of Batiti the six toes. I was shocked when I get inside because I thought there's only few FD [Franchise Dealer] when it's Saturday but there are still lots of FD in there. I didn't stay long inside Avon when the lady had told me that there is no more stocks of a gift set silver bracelet and necklace anymore. So then, I decided to go at Gaisano Mall to buy the sandals that I planned to buy but unfortunately, there is no more available sizes' aside from size 7. There are two other styles but it looks so ugly. I spend my time looking at the other brands of sandals until I found something better and at the same time, very comfy. I just hope my darling will like it. But I dont want to show it to him yet since I want it to be suspense. When I arrived home, it was already almost 3 o'clock... I took a nap for awhile and I woke up by almost 5pm and it rained hard for awhile. I read my darling's text message and it took me so long to reply because I have to wait till the rain stop. I wasn't feeling well before I had my afternoon nap but when I woke up, It makes me feel better. Right now, I miss my JOhn so much.. I'm longing to hug and kiss him... I love him so much.. I love you honeyyyyyyyy....hehe this is all for now... later again darling.. xoxoxo mwaahh!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So happy

I had a nice day today.. as I woke up this morning, I turned on my pc right away and I went downstairs to make a coffee. When I went back to my room, I was looking at the mirror staring at my face. I waited for my phone to beep but when it rings, I was wondering why my darling has to phone me instead of just texting me. I thought he text me long time ago and I just didn't notice his text message but when I ask him why does he phone me instead of texting me, he replied that he intended to phone me but the first ring wasn't answered so he text me then phoned again. I guess I was downstairs when he first ring my phone. It was so nice to hear my darling's voice again.. its been a bit long already since the last time he phoned me. I love him so much as usual...

After chatting with him, I cleaned my room and washed my clothes.. then I waited dad and my brothers to get home so I can collect there debts to me. As soon as I get paid, I went right away at Avon to get an order of my sis-in-law lalai then I went at Gaisano Mall to look for a nice sandals and something for my darling... while I was on my way heading at the foot wear area, I saw Nova's sis-in-law Lyn2x and her mom and her aunte. Her sis-in-law is also pregy and expected to deliver a baby same month with Nova. I stopped for awhile and have a little conversation with her while Nova's mom was trying to figure out my name.. hehe So much for that, it takes only few minutes for me to look for a nice sandals but when I proceed to another thing that I wanted to buy right away was taking me so long like almost an hour before I finally found it...hehe my darling know's what I mean.

My phone gone flat when I get home so it took me so long to sms my honey.. but i'm so happy right now because he just phone awhile ago before I started blogging just now. hehe He phoned me twice for this day...hehe Im so happy... well, I will not make this long cause I have to write something important.... I have to sign off now... later again... I love you so much my John and lots of kisses mmwahhh! I will be dreaming of you darling! kisses again mmwahh!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Another ordinary day of mine

Today is just another ordinary day of my life. I woke up, drink water and hot choco/mocha coffee then had my walking exercise. After awhile, I do the house chores like cleaning our rooms. Then I took a shower afterwards and then thinking what else to do and at the same time wondering if my John is dreaming of me.. hehe I was reading bible during my spare time and after reading, I fall asleep. It took me so long to wake up... I had my lunch-supper meal by 5pm. Then I had a look at my darling's blog because he sms me that he updated it. I love reading his blog because im interested to know what he has been up to and simply because I love him so much.
I had nothing else to say but to sleep now... hehe my life is not that so interesting until I will be living with my darling... It would be a new chapter of my life and full of wonders and happiness and maybe a little bit of sadness because i'll be missing my family here when that time comes and of course, trials is always been the twin of our life.. I just hope it would be not so troublesome but just a slight one to spice up life.
Okies later again.. I love you my darling John and kisses mwaahh! Im thinking of you my love.. Miss you terribly... xoxoxo

Friday, November 6, 2009

First Fri of the month

I woke up early today to attend the 5:30 am first Friday Mass together with my mom and the 3 housemaid's from my two bro and our housemaid. Then when we get home I went to my room right away check my phone if my darling is already online but since I don't have a text msg from him yet I decided to update my blog now before he could complain that im being lazy.. hehe

Yesterday, was just a boring, monotonous and a copy cut day of the other yesterday, in short, it was indeed same old story. That is why I only update this just now.

I miss my darling so much and I also think of my friend who is celebrating her 28th birthday now.. if she's reading this I would like to say H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y! Super Nova!! hehe I wish you Good Health and the best of Everything in your Life.. hugs and kiss mwahh!

I guess I have to publish this now because I have nothing else more to say but I Love You my darling JOhn.. speak now... mwahh!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Went out with my sis

Im so happy reading my darling's recent updates here in my page. It's been awhile since the last time a posted a blog here. But now here I am updating it. I have a great time chatting with my darling this morning, and as usual, love is getting stronger as time goes by for both of us. 3 months and 10 days left we wil be together again.. yeeehhhhaaahhh! hehe I feel extremely excited deep inside my heart. After chatting with my honey, I cleaned my room and to my youngest bro and sis room then I took a shower and went at Gaisano mall with Melody. We hang up there for about 3 hrs. because it took so long for my youngest sis to find a jeans that suits' to her taste and that would fit on her too. I think she's getting bigger since size 27 neither 29 wont fit on her anymore. She's now wearing a jeans size 30. hehe mine is 31 haha. I also bought 2 shirts as a replacement of my 3 shirts that has been sold. Meanwhile we chose to have a lunch at Port Cafe which is still inside Gaisano mall. I treat Melody since I still have enough money left from the profit I got to my 3 shirts. Good thing we ate lunch before we go back home because nobody cook for lunch in the house. My parents aren't home yet when we arrived home. Melody was in a hurry to fit her jeans again and matched it with her new shirt. If I didn't help her finding a nice one she would probably gonna buy an ugly one. She had a bad taste oftentimes thats why she always ask me to acccompany her everytime she wants to buy a new shirts or jeans. When we're home, I watched tv downstairs for an hour then I went at the near by store to load a credit to my phone so I can send sms to my darling John. When I got his reply I start doing my walking exercise with a music from the video karaoke. My legs get sore when I finally stop walking. But I feel better everytime I do my walking exercise. It burns some of my unneeded calories and as well as fats. Night time comes and I have nothing else to do but to get inside my room to post my updates and getting ready to sleep. So I guess this is now an adios for now... later again. I'll update this again if I have something new to share. I dont want to update my blog if I would just say something like what I already said yesterday. One thing more, I'm so happy that my John is so eager to learn more of my language...hehe im teaching him the deep bisaya version. ok, getting sleepy now... I'll be signing off now now... later again. I love You lots my darling my honey my love John. You are in my day to day thoughts always because I'm in love with you darling! kissess mwaahh!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Day From John

Hello Mistica, after work my mom phoned me and asked if we are going to Norwich. as she doesnt like driveing there by herself, so i drove her there. we went to the shopping centre's because my mom want to buy a electric fire that stands against the wall and looks like a fire place with the wood and coal burning. while my mom was looking at the fireplace's i had a look at the televisions. hehe i saw a 63" tv flatscreen which would look good in my lounge so i asked the man which works in the shop TAG PILA NA he said it was 959 pounds hehe. but i had to insist in not buying it because i knew i had to spend my money wisely. instead i was thinking about my beautifull Mistica. GIHIGUGMA KO IKAW MISTICA. After my mom had finished shopping we went to the travel agents in norwich. i have booked my flight to Davao, i will be leaving Uk on the 10 of Febuary 2010 and arrive in Davao on the 11 feb 2010 at 15:55. so now its all done all i have to do now is wait untill the date comes for my departure. myti gwapa ka lagi and it will be nindot nga makiti ka otra. I hope i am doing this right because i am learning your language and i dont really know if i am using the correct terms but i think i have it correct. but .... mag huna - huma sa ka hehe yes i am correct.
I hope you...nalingaw ka ani mistica and ok nia na imong halok
unsa imong buhaton karon?
because i will be cleaning my house now after i have finished writing this, but i will be thinking about you myti. okies i hope to see that you have also updated your blog account.
i love you baby
love john allways and forever
ps kisses and hugs mwah