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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Short love story

We have a fine morning here today its a bit cold no Sun yet but its not that gloomy. I woke up around 6 am to read my darling's updates but I dont see any updates yet. So I decided to update mine instead. Just now I heared the native people doing their instrumental caroling. I like the way they play with this long can covered with a rubber mantle. It drives you to dance. hehe
I have a little story to tell since I dont have much to share about what im doing now..
The other last night, Agaw and Batiti were sleeping at the track where it was being fixed somewhere at the car shop. That shop has lots of young boys who does smelling rugby all the time with a dirty face like they never take a bath for a year and some other man who seems like a criminal. Agaw was chase by a man who carries a long sharp knife while the car technicians was pointed with a gun by somebody and Batiti was sitting next to him and he never does anything but to sit and stare at the ground like no spirit at all. The following morning which is yesterday, they went here early and tells dad about what happened. Batiti was very hot and still shocked though we wasn't touch by the bad guys. hehe It supposed to be Agaw in a shocking moment but Agaw was laughing while telling all the story. They all went at the shop and I dunno what happened next. When they back home, Batiti stay upstairs to there quarter and seems didn't know what to do. I ask our house maid why he seems like shock then Elvie told me that Kentoys nanny broke up with him... hehe I was then singing a desperate song to tease him.. and I told everybody the reason why he seems so affected when in fact, he wasn't being in jeopardy the night they were being attacked by the bad guys. hehe I ask Etang [Kentoy's nanny] why she broke up with him.. but she just smiled and didn't answer. So I ask Inday [ Mikiela's nanny] the reason why and she said, its because Batiti keeps on playing poker and no time for her. haha I told Etang to reunite with him before Batiti will think of committing suicide.. hehe I was trying to scare her the possible thing will happen to Batiti if she will not love him again. hehe
Now, Batiti is back to normal feeling and he now smile and talk. I assumed Etang told him to carry on there relationship. Oh well, what a life.... hehe Love can really affect emotions..
I have to end this now because im almost get cut off.. I love you so much my darling John.. I miss you so much and im thinking of you my love... speak later.. kissess mwahhhh!

1 comment:

  1. wow day, ikaw diah ang peacemaker dha sa inyoha ha..what a nice love story...