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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Another ordinary day of mine

Today is just another ordinary day of my life. I woke up, drink water and hot choco/mocha coffee then had my walking exercise. After awhile, I do the house chores like cleaning our rooms. Then I took a shower afterwards and then thinking what else to do and at the same time wondering if my John is dreaming of me.. hehe I was reading bible during my spare time and after reading, I fall asleep. It took me so long to wake up... I had my lunch-supper meal by 5pm. Then I had a look at my darling's blog because he sms me that he updated it. I love reading his blog because im interested to know what he has been up to and simply because I love him so much.
I had nothing else to say but to sleep now... hehe my life is not that so interesting until I will be living with my darling... It would be a new chapter of my life and full of wonders and happiness and maybe a little bit of sadness because i'll be missing my family here when that time comes and of course, trials is always been the twin of our life.. I just hope it would be not so troublesome but just a slight one to spice up life.
Okies later again.. I love you my darling John and kisses mwaahh! Im thinking of you my love.. Miss you terribly... xoxoxo


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