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Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Spectacular

Yesterday I was out with mom Denise and her daughter Joanne to watch the Ultimate Christmas Musical Experience at Thursford, Fakenham UK. The show includes; singing, dancing with the beat of the variety instruments, instrumental music tricks, magic tricks, illusion deceiving, acting and a lot more. It was really so fantastic! and amazingly entertaining!
In fact, Prince William and Princess Kate was been watching this show before exactly in this place too. There were many audience that came from a very far distance places like 5 hrs to drive from there place going to Thursford. The show takes 3 hrs. to finish... thus, it is really worth enough of what you paid in the ticket. The roads were so misty yesterday specially when we were heading back home but good thing we get home safely. However, I didn't have a chance to take a picture of the show because we are not allowed to take photographs while the event is on. But mom denise bought a souvenir programme so I can show it to my family and friends what it is like. Thank You so much Mom Denise and Joanne I was indeed enjoyed the show yesterday! hehehe It's like a dream. So overwhilming experience to watch it...!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Bonfire Party

This is the bonfire that I was talking about few days ago. Here are some of my new friends here in Thetford with their husband. Some photos are posted in my fb... Nothing really special we just have this bush of fire, then light up loads of fire crackers, diner and video singing with a glass of wine... that's it. hehe

Hilda and I
David and Hilda ( couple )
John and I <-> David and Hilda
Three pairs of couples

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shopping @ Norwich

Last Friday 28 of October, I met 3 Filipina friends here in Thetford namely; Marvina, Jona and Hilda. They are all married with the English man; they were so cheerful and bubbly. The following day prior from the day I met them, Hilda and Jona we're inviting me to go shopping at Norwich where you can buy most of the stuff in Phil. but unfortunately, I had a conflict schedule which made me say 'no' to their invitation (that's because I planned to ride in the steam train with mom Denise and my darling). Few days after, I tried to phone Hilda to have somebody to talk to in my own dialect. She's from Gensan too so I find comfortable talking to her. In my surprised, they did not carry on doing the shopping during the day I rode in the steam train so I had this chance to go with them a while ago...hehe I got some pictures with them below.

Tomorrow which is the 5th of Nov. I will be meeting them again together with the other Filipina who also got married with English man. We will be having a bonfire night which is the traditional events here in England in memory of Guy Fawkes. They will make a man made of straw, dress it and crucified in the cross then burn it. There is a story about Guy Fawkes but im getting lazy now to tell more about him so just google his name and you will know the story. heheh some people say its just a myth and not really true but some believed its true. ok I will end this now and hopefully I can take a pictures tomorrow about the bonfire night. ps. sorry about my spelling and grammar I admitted that im not good in spelling and im not conscious with my grammar heheh i just felt lazy to check it every now and again. okidokie. ba-bye.