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Friday, July 30, 2010


Today is just another ordinary day. There's nothing much to tell except for the robbery going on the other yesterday. Fhoks shoes was stolen as well as mom's shoes. There was a robbers went inside our fence and for some reasons, he left his flip flops outside where he climbed up the fence close at Fhoks house. This isn't the first time happening here. Long time ago, when dad was raising roosters around our yards, his rooster were all gone when we woke up the following morning. Every strangers who buys empty liquor bottles, old news papers and steels passing around the road is dad's suspects. We have this speculations that the robbers was a kid about 13 to 15 yrs old? because the flip flops left were small sizes and he robbed only 2 pair of shoes and a pair of flip flops. Last night we are all alert... in fact, I sleep around 2 am already waiting for the robbers to come back but, unfortunately, they didn't come back.

It rains here today around 3 pm and the wind breeze was so nice and cool and so inviting to sleep. hehe
I fall asleep after I stop taking off moms white hair. It wakes me up when I suddenly notice that it was already dark outside and I have to cook rice for our supper. hehe
I was sitting outside again after we eat. I was watching the small rains falling. I miss my John as well. My life seems incomplete without him at my side. Its so amazing to have somebody to love and be loved. I never felt this awesome feelings of being so much loved and cared, before John came into my life. Yeah, I only got one ex-bf when I was in Malaysia but I never love him like seriously in love and our relationship only last about a couple of weeks then it stopped when I came back here. No more communications or whatsoever happened after that. I don't insist my self to love a person when they don't know how to fight a relationship to make it last forever. I feel so lucky to have John into my life. He maybe not, like a Hollywood's actor but he have a perfect heart that fits into my heart. I know there are lots of things to discover about him, once we are settled and live together in one house, but I'm certain that he has a kind heart and he maybe be a little bit pain sometimes just like me, but I'm sure it can be amended because we all have our individual differences ... well, I have to sleep now... until then. adios mwah!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My niece and the plants little fence

This afternoon after I sms my John, I was thinking of taking a nap for awhile, but I couldn't sleep, so I went downstairs and saw Quiarra sitting at the couch. While I was watching Quiarra, I took my phone in my bedroom and pictured her. As you can see in the her last photo, she was crying... why do you think she's crying? can you guess why? hehe..

I went outside to look around the plants of my father earth. And all of the sudden, I remembered that I have told my John about the changes of the plants little fence. So I took a photos of it also before and after the rains come. Didn't have a chance to take a nap anymore because as soon as I'm done taking photos, I right away took a shower then downloaded the photos and updating this blog. The rain had just stop right now and I think it's time for me to do some little walking exercise before eating my supper. Till here and later again. I love you my JOhn mwah! I'm so excited to see you soon and a little bit excited to see my new laptop... hehe Love you darling mwah! mwah! mwah!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This morning, I mean this nearly lunch time I went out with mom, ante Alona and melody for lunch.. then afterwards we went back home. My life suddenly went boring so I decided to browse facebook.. When my darling John sms me i right away turn off the laptop and walk towards the store to load some credit.. it was indeed so hot.. after I sms the love of my life I did my walking exercise then took a photos of my niece Mikiela so I have something to update here... hehe nothing much to say my life is not that intriguing since I'm not yet a celebrity though i don't have a plan to be a super star singer?! hehe joke.. life is just simple as it is..

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Parcel, letters and presents ( happy memories)

Last Saturday afternoon I received the parcel enclosed with documents, photos and letters from John and from my future family -in-laws. And today an hour after chatting with my darling I received another letters from my dearest darling and to my future mom and dad ( John's parents ) and from my friend Nova. I was so extremely happy when I got it! finally I received it! my heart is now at ease but I'm still waiting for the old letter from my darling the one with a roaming Sim from O2 it was the oldest letter and until now I haven't got it yet. I'm wondering if I ever receive it... but I'm still hoping that I will get it one day. When I was done reading the letters I decided to take a photos of all the presents given by my darling John from the first visit, second visit and the latest one. So I could include it in my scrapbook. I wish fate will favor us and everything will just go smoothly and granted. I love you my John mwah!

The letters I received this morning

The parcel I received last Saturday afternoon from my darling John and mom and dad

The presents ( chocolates and card ) I got from my darling John during his first visit here

The presents ( laptop and chocolate ), cards ( engagement cards from my soon to be in-laws ) and the proposal ( engagement ring ) during his second visit here

So many presents ( huge valentines card, bracelet, necklace, ipod touch, cellphone, Elizabeth Arden perfume, chocolate, and two piece swim suit ) I got on his latest visit here ... we also went at Samal Island ( Blue Jazz beach resort, In land tour and Paradise beach resort ) for holiday in 3 days... it's so amazing!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


This morning after I chat with my John I feel so inspired and excited knowing that I will be in my darling arms again soon. As usual after chatting I wash our clothes and do the house chores. After wards, I took a shower then looking at the photos with me and my darling. I miss him so much and sometimes I felt so sad and lonely and frustrated and even dismay specially when I'm being a pain sometimes to my darling. My darling is so lovable and he does care to much for my feelings because even if I made him cross not really cross just upset and yet he never ignore my feelings though it was my fault he does tried to console me at the end. I'm so grateful and lucky for having him into my life he is the best darling I ever have though he's the only man I have hehe my true love my faithful love and my everlasting love. Inspite of our distances he never give up loving me even if I'm such a pain often times when we chat in yahoo but still he loves me but I love him so much too just like how much he loves me. Oh my! how I miss him so much to be with him again! got a good night sms from him just now he says: good night my dear. love you sooooo much chat later myti love john mwah xoxoxo. I gotta sleep now so I can wake up early like we used to get online. I love you so much my loves. chat later mwah! once again, I love you soooo muchhhhh!