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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


22nd January 2012 was one of the most remarkable and fantastic day of my life! The dream that I never thought that will happen had just fulfilled.
I went out with mom Denise, Dad Geoff and my darling John at Wiltshire yesterday to see the Stonehenge. And until now I still can't believe it that I able to see and touch it for real! It’s so amazing! It is indeed the most historical event of my life!

Way back 17 yrs. ago, I was in junior high school when I first saw the picture of Stonehenge in the National Geographic Magazine. It was tea time when I went inside our school library to read some articles just to get away from boredom. There were so many books, magazines, and news papers that you can chose to read but I picked up the National Geographic Magazine thinking that it might be more interesting. While I was scanning the pages of it, my eyes were caught by the picture of the Stonehenge. And all of the sudden, while I was starring on it, I felt some thing strange feelings and flashes at the back of my mind that I knew I already saw this before but I just can't remember when and where. I said to my self; ' I wonder if I can see this for real... but it's so impossible... how I wish I can touch it one day so I would know why it seems so familiar to me when in fact its my first time to see this picture'. But later on, I stop thinking about it because I knew I'm just chasing the rainbow.

Until one day, I met the love of my life John. I asked him once if he knew where the Stonehenge is and he said to me yes, it's in England. I was so delighted when he told me where it is because I didn't take notice to read about it. During the time I saw the picture I right away tried to figure out where and when did I saw it. And now that I touched and saw it in real, I felt extremely happy inside my heart! I can’t explain… I wanted to scream and shout how happy I am when I saw it yesterday but I just hold on my feelings and say relax Myti. hehe

I am so great full and thankful to mom Denise and dad Geoff because they are the one who made my impossible dream come true. Thank you so much mom and dad you made me very happy. I will never forget all your kindness and goodness that you've shared to me.

Moreover, Stonehenge evolved between 3000 BC and 1600 BC. It is aligned with the midsummer sunrise and midwinter sunset, but the exact purpose remains a mystery. The first Stonehenge consisted of a ditch and bank enclosing a ring of 56 pits. In approximately 2500 BC, the 4 tonne bluestone megaliths were brought from the Preseli Mountains in Wales. In 2300 BC, 30 sarsens (sandstone uprights), each weighing over 25 tonnes, were positioned in a circle and capped with morticed stone lintels. Seven centuries later, two mysterious rings of pits were dug around the stones. There is only 6 days of a year that it won’t get too extremely windy around this place.