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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hi...I thought I couldn't open this any more because I forgot my password..but anyway, there's nothing interesting happening in my life lately..I got redundant from work almost four weeks ago..I'd been looking jobs online but at the moment there's no good news yet. I'm a bit bored now because I get stock again here doing nothing at all. Every time I get a book to read it makes me feel sleepy straight away. I'm not a book person :( neither writing is not my passion as well. I only love playing sudoku to be honest. Hmm..I really need to read the book about UK because I can't apply for the indefinite leave to remain if I will not pass the life in the UK test. Yep, it's one of the major requirements for me to get the residency permit. Oh dear! life here is extremely boring..without our friends around, you will really go insane..people think it's like a fairytale to live here but its actually not..not at can only see the beautiful scene at the top of north and in the countryside..but that's it..if you have no work, you don't have money to spend for luxury, life is extremely boring..but if you have friends, life is just fine..but I tell you what, the love of the husband is the most important thing to make the wife contented..If the husband is taking her for granted, the wife will never be satisfied over what she got because the true happiness is the love and care of the husband..xx