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Saturday, September 26, 2009

My finger nails

I'm waiting for my hair to dry up, so I was thinking of updating my blog.
Lately, it keeps raining here so hard during the day until 4 o'clock in the afternoon then it stop for an hour then it carry on raining at night time. But there's no lightning nor thunder storm when it rains. In Metro Manila there were 33 barangays affected by a huge floods due to a hard rains for two consecutive days. The roads were covered by floods and the floods almost reaches at the roof of the houses. It does cause to much trouble to the people living there.Good thing our place here in Gensan doesn't make too much floods over the roads anymore when it rains so hard. So much for that, I coated my finger nails with an ice mocha color and cut them at both corners to make it more attractive. I took a photo of it so I can post it here in my blog. hehe I did nothing much yesterday and today because it keeps raining and it is so inconvenient to go out neither to do my walking exercise. Tomorrow is Sunday already and its Melqui's b-day my youngest brother. He'll be turning 17 years old. I'll be cooking spagetti again for long life as what an old folks say so... hehe okies, my hair is dry now I can go to bed and sleep.. I'll be chatting with my darling John tomorrow. I love you so much my love... as usual, wake me up with your text msg.... kisses mwahhhhh! I miss you lots honey!

Friday, September 25, 2009

An odd experience

Just got a chance to update my blog now its because after my mother's b-day celebration [Sept. 22, 2009], Mikiela my niece was admitted at St. Elizabeth hospital due to her tonsillitis, thick phlegm that makes her hard to breath, and a high fever. The following morning was my b-day already but we dont have a chance to celebrate it. I felt a bit sad but its ok I dont feel like enjoying my b-day when somebody isn't feeling healthy in my family. That night in my
b-day I attended a bible sharing together with my mom, lalay and lyn-lyn at our chapel since I wasn't able to hear the holy mass that morning. Then afterwards, we went at the hospital to visit Mikiela. In the next morning, I spoke to her pediatrician asking if Mikiela is better and can be take home already... and so her doctor replied that she can go back home since everything is ok all the test of her blood, urine and stool are just fine. Mikiela stayed at the hospital for 2 nights and 2 days and the hospital charges accumulated almost 5k... good thing her dad has an insurance to cover up some of the charges... but still they have an excess of 3.5k... its not easy getting extremely sick it cost a lot..! its better to prevent than to cure... the injection is like a nightmare when I saw my niece being injected for her dextrose it makes me scared though... it took so long to find her veins.
When we were at the emergency room before Mikiela delivered at her room, there was a wife there who suddenly shout crying because her husband died after a minute and it was declared dead on arrival. It makes me feel like vomiting. Fhoks, Lyn-lyn and I were staring at each other thinking to back off and not to admit Mikiela anymore but when we look at Mikiela, she seems so pitiful because of her unusual way of breathing. She looks like an asthmatic child... Fhoks was a bit drunk and so tired that night... after I filled-up the form for admission, Mikiela got her dextrose injected and she was taken some blood for blood test then she was delivered heading to her room. That was a scary experience before my b-day... hehe if I wasn't so tired that night I might not able to sleep thinking of it.. but good thing I was extremely tired and sleepy. ok enough... my darling John has updated my page during my b-day and I find it perfectly made. He makes me smile when I read it... my John is so sweet and so loving thats why I love him even more and more each day because he is so understanding and lovable.. I love you so much honey!
Im going to sleep now.. later again..... mwah!

My mom and I in her b-day before we started our supper

My mom and I together with my nieces and nephews

The foods we prepared for supper

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Mistica

23 September

okies today is my lovely darlings b day.... 28 years ago she was a little baby just born, and so cute she is, and now 28 years later she has become a beautifull woman. Mistica i love you,

I hope all your b day wishes comes true.. sorry about you not receiving the parcel, i was hoping you did receive its before your big day. but maybe its the post that was slow hehe.

it was nice to see you on your birthday on yahoo for the short while i did, but i understand your concern and feeling for fhok's daughter...

sorry to hear about fhoks daughter, hope she gets well soon. i am sure she is in good hands.

Mistica once again happy birthday, and i love you

speak later okies......i will be waiting for your text.

Love you darling

Love as always and forever

love John


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just being in the mood

I was about to sleep but the other side of my mind bugs me up not to sleep yet. So here I am updating my blog just typing any thing that comes' up to my mind. I dunno why im in the mood to blog.. maybe because the night is not so humid now.. it rains awhile ago when I was about to do my walking exercise.. and worst, I eat a lot during our supper... tsk.. tsk.. I need more exercise tomorrow... oh yeah, tomorrow is Sunday here and there's a big fight between Marquez from Mexico and Mayweather Jr... the world might gonna stop revolving tomorrow because of this big event boxing.. hehe
Lately, I feel like im getting oldy and my mind is getting so matured.. and maybe later on, wrinkles would be visible... I dont want to get old honestly, it makes me scared though because I dont have an offspring's yet... hehe joke! Im thinking what if, im a genius? maybe im already a Philosopher, a writer, a psychic, a linguistic and an artist now... yez, all of these I mentioned is what I want to be if only im eager and have a chance to achieve it... but sometimes im lazy and I dont have motivation to stimulate me for doing so. I love to observe things around me and to think of the possible reason why this things happen. But I dont like to share what's on my mind unless im being asked or if im in the mood to share it. hehe Often times, when I watch tv or when I went outside and see things that would capture my attention my mind suddenly runs into a questions and then formulate a conclusions.. people may think im just ignoring what I saw but honestly, I do wonder why.... ok, enough for now, I want to text my darling to tell him how much I love him.. and get ready to sleep so I will not keep on yawning while chatting with him tomorrow... I love you my darling john.. mwah!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

To my dearest mistica.

okies its 21:50pm on the 15 September 2009. I am about ready to go sleep my love, but you
are in my thoughts and when i fall asleep you will be in my dreams. baby you have a good
day. hope you told your family i say hello... and essepically my buddy.....hehe
i miss being there in the Philippines but most of all i miss you Mistica.
its your loving touch and warm feeling you give me when you tell me that you love me
that my heart is complete. but now my heart is a bit empty and sad, but i am strong
and i know that you love me, and now that i will be coming to Philippines in Feb
i will be looking forward to your loving feeling again.......okies i am off to bed.. wish i could cuddle
up to you right now in bed and whisper in your ear (Mistica i love you)..... soon i shall....

love you Mistica
love john

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our new yard

As time goes by, you cannot predict what a person's mind wants to happened. Just like the changes made by dad to our yard. Before, it was all sand and he planed to cover it with all grass. Then years passed by, he changes his plan and made it all concrete with a little garden. Another years after, this little garden has now a little concrete fence. See how my father changes his mind of making his yard looking better? he always want it to look nice and relaxing. He does all the gardening of plants but no veggies... hehe he take's care of his plants everyday and he even said, we should also love gardening because flowers and plants can make your house even more beautiful because a plants with a flowers are so pleasing in our eyes..
My darling John has a plants in his back yard but I think its just all green leaves without a flower... hehe buts its better than no plants at all.
Awhile ago there was a sudden brown out again around 7 pm.. we were watching TV news patrol then it suddenly shut off.. this might be the effect of the signal number typhoon somewhere here in Phil.. or maybe the electric company wants the consumer's electric bills goes higher.. hmmph! My day was a bit boring I did nothing much aside from doing an exercise and writing a prayer.. and speaking of ' prayer', do you know what to pray first when we light a candle at the church during our birthday? Before we celebrate our birthday, we used to go to the church and hear the holy mass. After the holy mass, we light a candle outside were we can put a lightened candles for our wishes.. If you dont know yet how to start your prayer, here's a prayer before lightning a candle:
O God, source and origin of all light, accept this candle as a symbol of my love. Inflame my heart with your grace that I may walk on that road of virtues and glorify you all my life. Please help me in my needs [ mention your petitions or wishes ] Through Jesus Christ your son and mother Mary, Amen.
I just dont have something else to blog so I was thinking of sharing my knowledge about this little thing... im happy to share my knowledge to everyone and to learn what they also knew...
When I woke up this morning, I'd check my blog right away because my darling said he'll gonna post a blog here but I see no updates yet.. hehe the last updates he made was about Louise engagement.. Louise is his youngest sister.. this is all for now.. I will be chatting my darling tomorrow.. I miss you honey! speak later mwah!
Below is the photos of our yard.. enjoy watching.. Buenos noches!

Monday, September 14, 2009

louise's little family

13 september 2009 louise's engagement

to my love of my life mistica

here are some pictures at louise's house

love you

love john


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fish Tank

I'd been thinking whether to update my blog or not because right now I feel so tired and sleepy already. I don't have much thing to blog in here since I did nothing much today.
This morning my darling text's me that he's online so I woke up right away and get on. It was the most happiest chatting moment that we have. Its not just this morning but every time my darling would say something about coming back here with a fixed date would make my day extremely powerful... full of excitement and happiness! After spending time with him, I was motivated to clean our house [not just our rooms but also downstairs]. Then I took a shower and coated my finger nails with a seductive color. Just guess what color it is.. hehe I tried to text my darling also before I started coating my finger nails but the smart network ain't working again maybe because of the bad weather that keeps coming back here in Phil... After doing the manicure, I went to the church with my sister Melody since its Sunday right now. Then after that, I ate an oatmeal for my supper with a pineapple fit n' right drinks. Yezz, I'm indeed trying to discipline my self now not to eat too much. As long as my tommy has something to grain inside, it would be enough.
And now, since I dont have any recent photos to share this time, I was thinking of sharing my darling's photos of his fish tank with a little colofull fish in it... hehe I haven't ask permission to him yet but he will not get cross on me because he knows I love him.
I love you honey...!
Ok, im off to bed now.. enjoy reading.....

Friday, September 11, 2009

Kentoy's 3rd Bday

Im feeling so exhausted right now.. we're celebrating Kentoy's 3rd birthday and I was helping my mom cooking foods for dinner awhile ago.. Dinner is just over.. thanks God I can relax now..

This morning my darling and I were chatting online and I had a great time spending with him. He showed me the photos and the letter of her mom for me.. can't wait to have it... can't wait to meet them all too.. I gotta sore back just now.. I will not make this long.. here are the photos during B-day celebration of McKenzie a.k.a Kentoy.. its not enough because of the insufficient fund.. hehe enjoy the photos and adios! Love you honey..!

Small cake because of global recession... hehe

There's a big candle because there was a brown out before we begin our dinner.

Kentoy's doesn't know where to look insufficient light

Kentoy's elder half bro.

Kentoy is immitating his bro.

Kentoy's little sister

My cousin... my niece and nephew from my younger bro..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just a usual day

I dont have much thing to blog for today. This morning I was talking to my John over our telephone which makes my day completed althought we dont have a chance to chat online because of the internet connections problem. What else? ummm.. I feel so lazy to think what else to say hehe maybe I'll go sleep now so I can wake up right away by the time my darling will text me to get online tomorrow.. Often times I wake up very late and suddenly surprised saying " oh no! my John! his probably waiting for me now!" it took me so long to wake up even though my darling had already texted me twice. But now, if it took me so long to get on he just phone me right away no more second text. hehe Sometimes when we chat online he also surprise me from calling over my cellphone...hehe it makes me more happy though.. so happy.. I wish it wont take so very long enough for us to be together so we can make our future offsprings soon.. Im excited also to see what our breeding looks like.. gotta sleep now.. later again. I love you Honey!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lunch @ Jollibee

I got a nice morning today because my John posted an entry here. Hehe I love what he wrote in here. It makes me so inspired doing the house chores this morning. And I even got this smiley face... after cleaning our rooms I took a shower then I went at KCC mall to claim my money at western union from my darling... he send it just last weekend.. after claiming it, I deposited it in my bank account right away before I get tempted to go shopping! but I took some for my lunch... Im saving my money from my darling so I have enough money to spend going to manila for the medical later. Right now were starting to make things prepared so everything will go smoothly by the time my visa will be process.. So, back to Jollibee, hehe I ordered a lot because im a big eater.. haha but before I ate it, I took a photo of it first then I texted my darling John to tell him that I already got the money and telling him again, that im going to eat at Jollibee. I wish he was with me because I missed eating with him but anyway, I just imagined that he was seating infront of me just staring at me while im munching the foods..hehe I didn't took a photo of me while eating because its a bit embarrassing.. I only took a photo when i was in home already and I eat again with a fruites as my dessert.. hehe then I went to my room and took a photos of me.. meanwhile, I got a nature call to deposit all I've eaten @ the flushing bowl. It makes me feel healthy afterwards.. hehe I do my walking exercise too around 4 pm then during my supper, I only eat a little then drink a green tea to have a healthy body.. thats all for now.. I love You my John.. mwah! Im so happy you post a blog here and for sending me a money.. Thank You honey!

These is what I ordered... just a lite meal for lunch

I finished it all hehe... not so hungry isn't it? hehe

Fruites as my dessert @ home

I put a lips stick on before I took a photo of me..hehe

After this I took a poo.. hehe

Dearest Mistica

8th September 2009

Hello My Love mistica.

I am so happy to have you in my life, its nice that you think about me

all the time. I understand if you had a problem with your mobile network
it happens, but dont get upset i still love you hehe.

Like i promised to you last night on Yahoo Chat, i would come home and
post a blog on your account.
I had a very busy day today at work, but i can tell you that there is never
a minute goes by that i dont think about you, you are in my mind all the time
i miss being with you mistica, to hold and kiss and to show you that i love
you and care so much, I LOVE YOU MISTICA
Tonight for my supper i will be cooking Bacon and eggs and toast, i know its a

breakfest meal, but i feel lazy tonight and dont feel like cooking something
big, just plain and simple.
I still have a pain in my back so after supper i will go relax in a hot bath
and soak. then i will go straight to bed and watch tv in my room untill
i fall asleep. but i will be thinking of you myti, hehe.
Anyway let me go now and i hope my beautifull darling and future wife to be
will love reading her blog when she awakes from her peacefull sleep.

love you myti

ps: chat my wednesday

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mama Mary's Bday

This morning I went to my youngest sister's school together with my mom to watch melody's band performance. It takes only like an hour and a half then mom and I decided to go back home. By noon time, I ask Mikiela's nanny to load a credit to my phone @ the nearby store...
but it takes so long to recieve it.. it makes me nearly cross its been 2 hours already and yet I still haven't recieve it.. I ask my youngest brother to text me to see if I can receive a text msg from him but still, it ain't working.. then he suddenly remmber that smart network are in trouble for awhile because of so and so.. so i've waited patiently and worried thinking of my darling because I did promise to him that im gonna wake him up by my text.. but 2 pm passed I still haven't recieve any text msg from 'smart' nor to my brother. Until later on my phone beeps.. I got 5 txt msg, one from my darling, one from smart load, twice from my brother and one from melody. I felt upset because I didn't able to text my John to wake him up. I just hope tomorrow will be better.. below are some photos I took yesterday.. these wasn't included posting yesterday because it takes so long to upload the photos.. so here it is.. im going to sleep now... by the way, I went to the church again this day because its mother Mary's birthday.. thats all and nighty night!