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Thursday, September 17, 2009

To my dearest mistica.

okies its 21:50pm on the 15 September 2009. I am about ready to go sleep my love, but you
are in my thoughts and when i fall asleep you will be in my dreams. baby you have a good
day. hope you told your family i say hello... and essepically my buddy.....hehe
i miss being there in the Philippines but most of all i miss you Mistica.
its your loving touch and warm feeling you give me when you tell me that you love me
that my heart is complete. but now my heart is a bit empty and sad, but i am strong
and i know that you love me, and now that i will be coming to Philippines in Feb
i will be looking forward to your loving feeling again.......okies i am off to bed.. wish i could cuddle
up to you right now in bed and whisper in your ear (Mistica i love you)..... soon i shall....

love you Mistica
love john


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