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Sunday, September 6, 2009


I just done taking a shower and as usual, waiting to dry up my hair. This afternoon, after I texted my darling John, I went to RD Plaza to meet my college friend Carmela because she invited me to join a seminar. Its a kind of a networking business, selling products which is good for our health like Vitamins, Food Supplement, and etc. I thought it was just an hour seminar but it takes four hours to finish. We started 2 pm and done by 6 pm.. I missed going to church and taking photos at the new city plaza. I even brought my camera so I can take photos but I missed it. But its ok maybe I can just do it later when I got a chance because the City plaza has a huge improvement! It looks very nice and beautiful now. Its so different from before.
My day today is a bit ok. Im so happy chatting with my Darling John this morning but it made me a bit lonely also because I missed going to church. I missed twice Sunday already. Last Sunday I was sick got a hard disgusting noise cough and now, I missed it because of the seminar. But im not moaning because I miss Carmela also and I wanted to see her and talk to her. But actually we dont have that much time to talk each other because I was been busy listening over how the vitamins takes away our body toxic and it would be unethical to talk to her while the speaker are talking to us. I hope we could hang up together again because I got lots of question to ask about her life. About what happened and why it happened... hehe
I run out with words to say now.. we'll, I think this is enough for now..

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  1. oh bummer!!! next time don't forget okay? i'm excited to see the changes... visit my 2 page... and i have added this link napud...