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Monday, September 7, 2009

Gensan City Plaza

I was been busy the whole day today. As I woke up in morning, I took my batteries right away and recharge them. Im checking my juices also if there's enough for tomorrow then I went to Gaisano Mall to buy my products to sell and I also pay our electric bill for this month. I went home right away after im done with my erands. I checked my batteries if its full and tried taking photos with my niece Quiarra from my elder bro. I texted Carmela if she's available to meet me today and fortunately, she's available! I rush away taking a shower and feeling so excited to take the nice shots in our City Plaza. I was also thinking of my John too. I texted him first before I went to the plaza. But I didn't tell him about my plan this morning because I want him to get surprise over what I did today. hehe
I got also a chance to go to the church to hear the daily 5 pm eucharistic celebration. Im so happy today because aside from fullfilling things that I really want to be done I got also a chance to talk to God and thank Him for all the Gifts He gave to me specially for giving me a loving kind hearted bf who never stop loving me and communicating me inspite of our distances. And even if some times I accused him for something like cheating he never say some thing that would hurt my feelings. He never gave me an immature reaction like fighting back at me nor ignoring what I felt. And he keeps reminding me how much he loves me. EVeryday in our life is a wonderful, a beautiful and an amazing gift from God. Can you imagine waking up one day without a brain? without a sight? without a family? without somebody to love and be love? can you imagine growing old single without any direction in life? hehe... sounds horrible isn't it?
Im just so thankful that Im close to God. and now, I feel sleepy couldn't think what else to say. Just enjoy the photos after this message... its all sequence from the first to end. what you see and think of the photos, is a yes! your right about it! my niece is like a lechon de letche and the city plaza is perfectly improving. hehe feel so tired and sleepy already.. im signing off now.


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