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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Mistica

23 September

okies today is my lovely darlings b day.... 28 years ago she was a little baby just born, and so cute she is, and now 28 years later she has become a beautifull woman. Mistica i love you,

I hope all your b day wishes comes true.. sorry about you not receiving the parcel, i was hoping you did receive its before your big day. but maybe its the post that was slow hehe.

it was nice to see you on your birthday on yahoo for the short while i did, but i understand your concern and feeling for fhok's daughter...

sorry to hear about fhoks daughter, hope she gets well soon. i am sure she is in good hands.

Mistica once again happy birthday, and i love you

speak later okies......i will be waiting for your text.

Love you darling

Love as always and forever

love John



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