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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fish Tank

I'd been thinking whether to update my blog or not because right now I feel so tired and sleepy already. I don't have much thing to blog in here since I did nothing much today.
This morning my darling text's me that he's online so I woke up right away and get on. It was the most happiest chatting moment that we have. Its not just this morning but every time my darling would say something about coming back here with a fixed date would make my day extremely powerful... full of excitement and happiness! After spending time with him, I was motivated to clean our house [not just our rooms but also downstairs]. Then I took a shower and coated my finger nails with a seductive color. Just guess what color it is.. hehe I tried to text my darling also before I started coating my finger nails but the smart network ain't working again maybe because of the bad weather that keeps coming back here in Phil... After doing the manicure, I went to the church with my sister Melody since its Sunday right now. Then after that, I ate an oatmeal for my supper with a pineapple fit n' right drinks. Yezz, I'm indeed trying to discipline my self now not to eat too much. As long as my tommy has something to grain inside, it would be enough.
And now, since I dont have any recent photos to share this time, I was thinking of sharing my darling's photos of his fish tank with a little colofull fish in it... hehe I haven't ask permission to him yet but he will not get cross on me because he knows I love him.
I love you honey...!
Ok, im off to bed now.. enjoy reading.....

1 comment:

  1. that looks pretty, those are nemo's family day... hehehehe... jeff once had a fish tank too, but right after he visits me from phils only 1 fish left... naabtan pa jud nako iyang isa ka angelfish day usa nlng sa tank.. nag iisa after months tungod sa kamingaw.. natayche oi... hehehe.. now his planning of having bigger fish tank soon...ambot wwhen kaya...