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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mama Mary's Bday

This morning I went to my youngest sister's school together with my mom to watch melody's band performance. It takes only like an hour and a half then mom and I decided to go back home. By noon time, I ask Mikiela's nanny to load a credit to my phone @ the nearby store...
but it takes so long to recieve it.. it makes me nearly cross its been 2 hours already and yet I still haven't recieve it.. I ask my youngest brother to text me to see if I can receive a text msg from him but still, it ain't working.. then he suddenly remmber that smart network are in trouble for awhile because of so and so.. so i've waited patiently and worried thinking of my darling because I did promise to him that im gonna wake him up by my text.. but 2 pm passed I still haven't recieve any text msg from 'smart' nor to my brother. Until later on my phone beeps.. I got 5 txt msg, one from my darling, one from smart load, twice from my brother and one from melody. I felt upset because I didn't able to text my John to wake him up. I just hope tomorrow will be better.. below are some photos I took yesterday.. these wasn't included posting yesterday because it takes so long to upload the photos.. so here it is.. im going to sleep now... by the way, I went to the church again this day because its mother Mary's birthday.. thats all and nighty night!

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  1. such a lovely plaza and lovely ladies too....having so much time huh!!!