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Friday, September 25, 2009

An odd experience

Just got a chance to update my blog now its because after my mother's b-day celebration [Sept. 22, 2009], Mikiela my niece was admitted at St. Elizabeth hospital due to her tonsillitis, thick phlegm that makes her hard to breath, and a high fever. The following morning was my b-day already but we dont have a chance to celebrate it. I felt a bit sad but its ok I dont feel like enjoying my b-day when somebody isn't feeling healthy in my family. That night in my
b-day I attended a bible sharing together with my mom, lalay and lyn-lyn at our chapel since I wasn't able to hear the holy mass that morning. Then afterwards, we went at the hospital to visit Mikiela. In the next morning, I spoke to her pediatrician asking if Mikiela is better and can be take home already... and so her doctor replied that she can go back home since everything is ok all the test of her blood, urine and stool are just fine. Mikiela stayed at the hospital for 2 nights and 2 days and the hospital charges accumulated almost 5k... good thing her dad has an insurance to cover up some of the charges... but still they have an excess of 3.5k... its not easy getting extremely sick it cost a lot..! its better to prevent than to cure... the injection is like a nightmare when I saw my niece being injected for her dextrose it makes me scared though... it took so long to find her veins.
When we were at the emergency room before Mikiela delivered at her room, there was a wife there who suddenly shout crying because her husband died after a minute and it was declared dead on arrival. It makes me feel like vomiting. Fhoks, Lyn-lyn and I were staring at each other thinking to back off and not to admit Mikiela anymore but when we look at Mikiela, she seems so pitiful because of her unusual way of breathing. She looks like an asthmatic child... Fhoks was a bit drunk and so tired that night... after I filled-up the form for admission, Mikiela got her dextrose injected and she was taken some blood for blood test then she was delivered heading to her room. That was a scary experience before my b-day... hehe if I wasn't so tired that night I might not able to sleep thinking of it.. but good thing I was extremely tired and sleepy. ok enough... my darling John has updated my page during my b-day and I find it perfectly made. He makes me smile when I read it... my John is so sweet and so loving thats why I love him even more and more each day because he is so understanding and lovable.. I love you so much honey!
Im going to sleep now.. later again..... mwah!

My mom and I in her b-day before we started our supper

My mom and I together with my nieces and nephews

The foods we prepared for supper

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  1. oh my what an odd experience jud day...that's really scary oi...but knowing that you were having fun during your mom's bday is a bit okay... tudlui nya kos unsa nimo pagluto sa leche plan day beh.... kalami sa handa sa imon mother dear oi... i belated nlng ko ha