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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just a usual day

I dont have much thing to blog for today. This morning I was talking to my John over our telephone which makes my day completed althought we dont have a chance to chat online because of the internet connections problem. What else? ummm.. I feel so lazy to think what else to say hehe maybe I'll go sleep now so I can wake up right away by the time my darling will text me to get online tomorrow.. Often times I wake up very late and suddenly surprised saying " oh no! my John! his probably waiting for me now!" it took me so long to wake up even though my darling had already texted me twice. But now, if it took me so long to get on he just phone me right away no more second text. hehe Sometimes when we chat online he also surprise me from calling over my cellphone...hehe it makes me more happy though.. so happy.. I wish it wont take so very long enough for us to be together so we can make our future offsprings soon.. Im excited also to see what our breeding looks like.. gotta sleep now.. later again. I love you Honey!


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