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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lunch @ Jollibee

I got a nice morning today because my John posted an entry here. Hehe I love what he wrote in here. It makes me so inspired doing the house chores this morning. And I even got this smiley face... after cleaning our rooms I took a shower then I went at KCC mall to claim my money at western union from my darling... he send it just last weekend.. after claiming it, I deposited it in my bank account right away before I get tempted to go shopping! but I took some for my lunch... Im saving my money from my darling so I have enough money to spend going to manila for the medical later. Right now were starting to make things prepared so everything will go smoothly by the time my visa will be process.. So, back to Jollibee, hehe I ordered a lot because im a big eater.. haha but before I ate it, I took a photo of it first then I texted my darling John to tell him that I already got the money and telling him again, that im going to eat at Jollibee. I wish he was with me because I missed eating with him but anyway, I just imagined that he was seating infront of me just staring at me while im munching the foods..hehe I didn't took a photo of me while eating because its a bit embarrassing.. I only took a photo when i was in home already and I eat again with a fruites as my dessert.. hehe then I went to my room and took a photos of me.. meanwhile, I got a nature call to deposit all I've eaten @ the flushing bowl. It makes me feel healthy afterwards.. hehe I do my walking exercise too around 4 pm then during my supper, I only eat a little then drink a green tea to have a healthy body.. thats all for now.. I love You my John.. mwah! Im so happy you post a blog here and for sending me a money.. Thank You honey!

These is what I ordered... just a lite meal for lunch

I finished it all hehe... not so hungry isn't it? hehe

Fruites as my dessert @ home

I put a lips stick on before I took a photo of me..hehe

After this I took a poo.. hehe

1 comment:

  1. oi day, i missed eating at Jolibee with you jud... you'll miss those once your in UK na... so enjoy the most of your time with your family and your culture... someday you'll be missing all those trust me *wink*... hope to see you if ever me and jeff and future baby hedges will going home to visit PI next year...