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Saturday, October 31, 2009

hello Mistica here is your big kiss love john
ps speak later

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I'm about to sleep now but I want to update my blog first so my darling has something to read when he gets home later. This morning after chatting with him, I went out with dad, kentoy and my elder bro at Olaer swimming resort to cool down since it was indeed very humid this morning. Around 1 pm we went back home. I felt very sleepy and tired since I was doing my exercise through swimming. I tried to send an sms first to my darling John before I decided to take an afternoon nap. It was already nearly 5 pm when I woke up. I checked my phone right away and I got 2 msg from my honey. I was wondering why 2 msg but when I read it, the first msg ain't done yet when it was send so thats why my honey had send another msg again telling how much he loves' me so much. I took a shower afterwards and have a hot choco drinks to warm up my tummy. Then I watched tv news to see what's happening to other places of Phil. I've seen burned houses and in the other part of a place is a burned building from Manila area and also in Cebu area, one from the hospital the energy generator blow up suddenly and also in the factory of clothes and flip-flops it burns so badly. The owner were almost indangered. There is also a new typhoon coming that will hit somewhere in Luzon area this coming all souls day.
Thats all for now..
But before I sign off, I want to say how much I love my honey John. Im so happy chatting with him this morning and the photos I've seen from Ibiza was indeed nice. I love you so much my love of my life. Tomorrow I'll be cooking spagette again its because tomorrow is Quiarra's first bday my elder bro's baby girl. But even if I get busy tomorrow you will never be forgotten because you always pass through my mind every single hour and day. That's because I love you my darling. okies signing off now..I have to wake up early tomorrow so I can go to church with the bday celebrant... hehe kisses honey mwaahh!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Excited reading my darling's dream

I just woke up and I turn on my pc right away. I'm so excited to read my darling's dream about us. When I read it, it was indeed so very nice dream. It will come true one day I'm sure of it.. hehe so we're expecting a baby girl as our first offspring then. hehe
Dream is sometimes a message of the things that will possibly happen in the future. It give's you a sign or a hint or a meaning towards the future event. Or it can just be simply a dream without meaning at all.
Last night I didn't have a chance to update my blog because I was been busy typing the prayers to be memorize by my darling. And also I was typing about the message of Mother Mary she gave to the 3 children in Poland I think. Im not sure where was it happened. But while im reading it my hairs seems growing up. As I think about the past horrible event happening it seems related to the message of Mother Mary. I will email this to the friends I know and its up to them to read and believe it. I just want them to know what could be the possible happen if the people carry on doing an evil works and taking for granted about God. The message doesn't force you to believe .. its up to the people to believe it or not. They can chose their own choice. The message I got here is written in Tagalog language I will just translate this in English when my darling gets here so he would also know what's in it.
One day I dreamed to have an ideal family. A family that has a strong bonding to each other. A family close to God. I want my future children and my husband to be to also believe what I believe in God and Mother Mary. I want them to learn how to pray everyday before going to sleep. I want to live with them in a simple life and hopefully my future children will have a good friends that won't led them into doing evil works like discremination, lust, being pagan and other more.
I think im almost get cut off.. I will updated this again later. I love you so much my John. kisses mwaahh! speak later.

Monday, October 26, 2009

A plan for conversion

Today is Oct. 26th, Monday here 9:50 am as im typing in my laptop about the things running in my mind. I just woke up and I was thinking what will I do today. Then I suddenly remembered my John had told me he'll gonna post the photos from Ibiza a small Island of Spain where his mom and dad took there holiday last week. But I was surprised when I look on his page. It was a photos of me and him. The happy moments we got here during his second visit. But it doesn't dissapoint me because I love what he post there. I love it everytime he tells me how much he loves me just like the way I do to him. It made me smile after reading his posts. I was thinking to update mine tonight before going to bed but since I don't have much thing to do today, I decided to post now now... hehe

Yesterday was Sunday my John wakes me up almost 6 am telling his waiting for me to get on. I only have an hour and half to talk to him since I chose to go to church by 7:30 am. I am so happy chatting with him yesterday. One of our conversations was about converting him into a roman catholic. And i'm glad he listened to me to have his Baptism, Confessions, Holy communion, and Confirmation as soon as he gets back here by this coming Feb. 2010. I want him to recieve the 4 sacraments that I already possesed so by the time we get married at there place we can chose the Roman Catholic church without any impediments. We planned to get married at the church instead of civil wed. It makes me more comfortable if incase we can't get married here in Phil. at least we already have a blessing from God since we'd been married to the church already. So then, I already have one major plan what to do when he gets here...hehe

To be honest, I'm a kind of a woman who rarely make a long plan. A plan made before a week or months or a year is not in my vocabulary. I usually do an instant planning... hehe I planned a day before or in an actual day. Although I do plan sometimes like a month or a year to have or do this and that but it's all depends on the situations. I don't like the feelings of dissapointment. Thats why I make plan only when its very close to the day before the event. At least, it is certainly gonna happen. But like I said, it all depends in the situations. Because there are also things that needs to planned more than a months to make it well organize.

Well, thats all I can share for now... I'm thinking when will my darling John gonna post the photos from Ibiza.. hehe and I'm also thinking if my John is dreaming of me now since it is late night in his time now... I will just imagine that im there in his room looking at him and whispering : Honey, I love you - are you dreaming of me now? hehe. Okies i'll sign off now.. I will speak to him tomorrow and tell him to memorize the Apostles creed, Our father, Hail Mary and Glory be as his requirements to recieve the 4 sacraments in roman catholic.

Later again.
I love you lots my darling John
Kisses mmwahh!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I miss my john I love him lots

I had a great time chatting with my darling today. I love him and I miss him so much. 4 months left and he will gonna be here with me again. I feel so excited to see him again and worried at the same time because I dunno where else can I tour him just within the boundery of Socsargen area or just 2 to 3 hrs drive from here. I do have some idea where to bring him but we can't just go to this certain place when its just me and him for over night or so because my parents are worried about us over something wrong happened. I don't want a chaperon anyway... hehe

I was thinking lately about what other people see for their future. I can't imagine myself being worldly. I never think or dream of being so wealthy here on earth. I wanna be rich in good works and being humble so when times come that I need to return back my life to God, I will have this reward to live with Him in His kingdom which we called Heaven.

I live here on earth to survive all the trials that will possibly come along my way. When I met my boyfriend John, I had this directions in life to love him eternally and build a family with him and to raise our future offspring's in the right path and close to God. I dreamed to have a happy family of my own one day just like what I have in my family here. I want my children to grow with fear and high respect to God. I want them to put God in the center of their life. I want my darling john also to be close to God so even when we are in our everlasting life we will still be living together. hehe

Money is not everything like what my darling often said to me. If you have lots of it, some people would think or presumed negative about you or it might gonna change your personality into worst? But to think about it, why would you change into worst when you get rich? is that mean you let your self controlled over money? do you mean you are out of your self and you just let the earthly things manipulated you? and when you die? you will go directly to hell. So, would you prefer being a hypocrite when you get so wealthy? Money for me is just my slave not a thing that can control or manipulate to change me into having a bad attitude. So if I get rich, its just nothing for me. Money can't bug me up to change my being me. I wanna live in a humble life.
Lots of people are better than me and smarter than me and richer but I don't mind because I don't care about what they have. They got their own lives and I got my own. I don't have time to get insecure of what they have because its not my nature to mind about it. I want to keep my love of my life, my family and friends forever close to me. To change into worst is to loose them also. I don't want it to happened and never it will happened because God is always with me who will guide me all the way to do good things in my fellow mankind. Yes, sometimes we commit mistakes and hurt someone else feelings, but nobody is perfect we do sometimes commit sins into each one of us and specially to God but while we are here on earth we have to be strong and always seek Gods help to guide us always and enlightened us the right thing to do. Right?!

I'm getting sleepy.. i'll sign off now. I love you lots my Dearest John. Kisses mmwahhh! till then.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just fine Sunday

While I was waiting my pc to download the windows just now, I saw a big mosquito at the wall. It looks very unusual so I automatically slap it with my flip-flops. I wonder where the smallest alligator's been...hehe They just missed eating this big big mosquito with almost the same size of a " Piyangaw " an insect that smell so horrible.

Regardless of what I said just now, I wasn't thinking of updating my blog today since I don't have much to share for now. But when I read my darling's updates, it motivates me to post an updates too. I was smiling while reading his blog... It reminds me of a friend who also left her key inside her car... hehe my darling is getting forgetful.. I wonder where his mind flew.. It might be to somebody else.. hmmm joke! hehe. Sometimes I love to tease him during our chatting when I dont have something to tell like accusing him of having somebody else in his house...hehe I can see how his facial expressions reacted exaggely... hehe I just wanted to brake the ice. But I do trust him. There can't be love without trust in a relationship.
This morning I went at the church with my mom to hear a holy mass. Then later, I cleaned our rooms, wash my undies and fave shirts, took a shower afterwards, eat a little as my breakfast-lunch meal then I took a nap. When I woke up, I took my phone to sms him but my phone was flat. So I recharge it and wait until the battery gets full. If my darling did not tell me that he has an updates today, I might not post an updates here too because I was thinking he will update his blog later so I didn't turn on my pc this morning.

That's all for now... I'm getting sleepy... hehe I love you so much my darling John. Please tell Louise that I say happy birthday and I wish her all good things in life. Kisses my love mwahh! speak later.. wake me up.. hehe until

Saturday, October 17, 2009

from john

dearest Mistica i just want to say to you that i love you so much, you are in my everyday thoughts and i cherish our love we have. my heart is yours to be combined into one, and to live happy and forever and for our love to be pasted on for our children. love you Mistica
Love John

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy and tired

I was surprised this morning when my sister-in-law Lyn-lyn shouted at my window saying I got a letter. I was taking a shower when she told me about it so I said to her to recieved it. I was so excited and get hurry to finish taking shower because I know its gonna be my John's parcel for me. My two sister-in-law Lyn-lyn and Lalai and my mom was so excited to see the photos that I told them. There were so amazed when they saw the photos and they uttered;
' it looks like in America. ' The usual scene they saw in american movie. I was also looking at the two maps givin to me by my darling's mom. My darling's hand writing and his mom's handwriting looks almost the same I beat John got more of his mom's genes. The photos was so nice I've seen the whole family tree of my darling. And also some nice scenes in there place. It was so nice I even keep looking at the photos.

Before lunch time, I went at Avon company to get the orders of my customers [ my two sis-in-laws and the housemaids. ] When I get there I was also surprised because I didn't expect there were lots of people in there. It took almost 5 hours before I reach at the cashier. I missed my lunched already good thing I ate my breakfast before I went there. When I get back home I already have a message from my darling. He sms me twice already. I was really so tired standing there at Avon co. waiting my turn. When I get home I rush to the kitchen and eat my lunch-supper meals then I replied to my darling's sms. I couldn't tell him why it took me so long to text him and about the parcel yet because it would take long sms if I would tell him exactly what happen to my day awhile ago... I dont have extra load for long sms... hehe and besides, tomorrow we will be chatting so I just decided to tell him during our chatting tomorrow..

Im going to sleep now.. I can't make this long Im so tired already.. I just wanna say, as usual, that I'm so in love with my darling john so much! I love you my love! kisses mwahh! see yah later in yahoo.. hehe gotta sleep now... thanks for the parcel my darling specially the photos and the maps please say thanks to your mom I like it so much.. It was indeed very nice.. okies im off now.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I love You honey

I had a great time chatting with my honey this morning. But I didn't stay long online because I still have to do my daily exercise before the Sun gets hotter. While I was doing my walking, Fhoks was also busy trimming the grasses. The sun shine and hide in the clouds every single minute. It doesn't makes me get so sweat at all since the weather is not that humid. The sun was a bit gloomy and its a bit windy. You can already feel the spirit of Christmas. Is it really the spirit of Christmas? or just an aura of another super typhoon coming? I've seen in TV news patrol awhile ago that there's another super typhoon coming here in Phil.. This time is more stronger than the two typhoon that had been here before. And the main target is still in central Luzon area. It was forecasted that it will come by this coming Saturday. I just hope it will go to another directions going up to Luzon area. Like I said before, Mindanao is so far from any typhoon. So we don't really bother when there is typhoon coming but it makes us worried about the rapid fluctuations of food pricing. It is expected that prices of rice and any basic commodities will go higher because of the floods. It ruins the rice plantations and as well as the farms. Well, prayer is still the strongest weapon to fight against any trials that comes along our way. There is no impossible to God if we just ask Him and trust with Him. Ok, I'm off to bed now.. but before I finish this, I want to tell the whole world that I love my darling John so much! hehe ... I miss you honey. Kisses mwahhh!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just a nice morning

This morning before I started my daily exercise, I tried to check first my Darling's blog if he has an updates. It made me smile when I saw his recent posts. Lately he suddenly have this motivation to learn my language. I'd been teaching him deeply pure Bisaya dialect. As you can see in his latest blog title it is indeed 'BIsdak' [ Bisayang dako ]. He told me that we can speak Bisaya once im living with him already. Thinking about it makes me smile and laughing because I can't imagine John will speak a deep Bisaya dialect. hehe but I am willing to teach him more of my dialect as long as he is seriously determine to learn about it. As far as I know, Bisaya is now recognized as our secondary language. It is no longer just a dialect anymore but a secondary language. So its just fine to teach him Bisaya instead of tagalog since his girlfriend is a Bisaya. Philippines is mainly composed of tagalog and bisaya people. People in Luzon area are considered as tagalog people while the people in Visayas and Mindanao are considered bisaya in general. Philippines is divided into 3 archipelagos such as Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. So that's it! hehe I don't want to explain it further more because I don't want to...
This afternoon, I text's my Darling that I'm going to have a dinner at Mary Ann's house since its her birthday today. But the day was gloomy today and the rain stop time to time then it carry on. So I decided to stay in home instead and have dinner with my family. I was thinking of texting my Darling to tell him that I didn't go at Mary Ann's bday party, but part of my mind says, I will just mention it here in my updates and tell him tomorrow in our chatting that I didn't go. I miss my Darling John so much. And I love him lots. Im really so happy to have him in my life. I love you my honey...! I'm going to sleep now. Wake me up later when your on. Kisses mmwahh!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I miss my Darling John so much

I'm so happy today because my period is almost over. This morning I cleaned my room and change my bed sheet, curtains and pillow cases. Afterwards I took a shower then ate my breakfast. Meanwhile, I went back to my room looking at the photos of me and my darling John. I also check his blog to see if he has an updates but unfortunately, he haven't updated it yet. In the afternoon I decided to buy cigarettes and juices to sell but before I went at Gaisano Mall, I waited first my darling's text message so I don't need to bring my phone anymore. When my two hands are busy holding heavy loads, I don't bring cellphone nor bag. I only bring the certain amount of money to use and put it in my pocket. I've learned my lesson already. I lost my phone and wallet ones. I don't want it to happen again. Pick picketer's are so rampant now a days and they are decisive with their looks. You may see them like an angel or no earth faces but behind it is an evil works. That's why I don't really trust talking to strangers when its not necessary to answer them.
I'm about to sleep now and I decided to update my blog so my darling John has something to read when he gets home later. Speak to you later honey. I miss you so much.. I was been thinking of you and I want you to know that I love you so much more than words can tell. I'm missing you so so much. okies honey later again.... kisses mwahhhh!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


It's so nice to wake up in the morning and read a nice messages in my Darling's blog. Right after a woke up I turn on my pc get connected to internet then check my darling's updates. I dreamed of him which makes me get awake a bit early like nearly 6 am. I dreamed he was playing poker and I wasn't with him. When I fetch him, he stood up where he was sitting and approach towards me and gave me hugs and kiss. I ask him are you winning? he just gazed at me and smile a little. I knew the answer was 'no' so I ask his opponent how much he losses. They never answered me the amount but instead, an idiomatic answers. So my mind says, ok thats 500 then. It makes me frown for a bit and I told him, give me a minute to play so we can recover what you just loose. After saying it, I woke up and had a wee. I never sleep back again and decided to check his blog cause he told me yesterday that he'll gonna update his blog today. It gave's me smile after reading his updates. He told me to dream of him and I just did! hehe... I had a nice time chatting with him yesterday. I miss him so much and looking around his room makes me feel like i'd been there too... hehe

I don't have new photos to post here so I just pick up an old sweet photo of us. That photo was taken the day my darling arrives at Davao City, Phil. I remember he took so long to get out inside the airport building. All passengers are already gone but I couldn't still see him. My bam got sore waiting for him to walk out. It took an hour before he showed up and it makes me so happy seeing him again personally. That was indeed so overwhelming happiness to hug him and kiss him again for real. He was in trouble for an hour inside the airport building due to his negligence... hehe whatever it is, it was his fault... hehe okies enough. I dunno what to do today yet but doing house chores is part of my daily routine. I love you lots my darling John. Speak tomorrow. I miss you as usual and always... I love you soooooooooo much! kisses mmwahhh! adios for now..!

Monday, October 5, 2009


This morning mom and I went at Robinsons Place of Gensan to witness their grand opening together with these two famous celebrities; Dawn & Donita. The day was so hot and humid with lots of people inside the supermarket and department store area. Later on we decided to transfer at KCC Mall instead its because Robinsons was too crowded. Even inside was very humid it makes us nearly feel dizzy. And the road was been so traffic like there's an accident going on in the middle of the road. Morning until afternoon the traffic never change. I was so excited when mom and I was on our way to go at Robinsons but when we get there our mood suddenly change. Some price of there products is a bit expensive compared to other malls although some are cheaper. But if I were to chose, I would still go at Gaisano or Kcc Mall its huge and relaxing and the price is just fine. As you can see I only have one photo posted which is in super market area its because we were in a hurry to avoid the approaching heavy traffic. I wasn't enjoying at all when we get there. They have some selected discounted items but I dunno... I can't tell exactly what I feel... I don't think I will love to go shopping there.....
Before these thing started, I woke up with my darling's text msg telling his online already waiting for me. While we were chatting I made him feel sad for a bit its because I wasn't smiling but later on it changes my mood and I gave him a smile. Sometimes I don't really smile when I just woke up because my face gets tight and it hurts the skin when I smile right away. But there are really times that I don't like to smile when I'm moody specially when my monthly period is coming. Ok, I don't have much to tell now...hehe I just wanna say that I love you so much my John and I'm sorry if sometimes I'm moody but don't worry it doesn't mean I'm cross... I still love you and my love for you never fades away its because I love you so much... you are my missing piece that completes my happiness.. I'm going to sleep now.. chat to you tomorrow my love.. kisses mwaaahh!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fine day

I just done chatting with my darling awhile ago and now im here updating my blog.
I'm so happy his webcam works fine today because the other past few days it keeps freezing. Yesterday I made him worried too much but I didn't intended to make him worried about me. I was waiting to recieve my eload but it took so long its because the lady who does the eload forgot to load it. When I get home from the church I got 5 miss calls from my darling already but when he phones me again he was relieved from worryness... hehe I love you so much my John and dont worry when it took me so long to text you because im just waiting for my phone credit to load and sometimes the network is in trouble. That's just the main reason why I took so long sometimes to text you.
Today, after blogging I will be cleaning our rooms and I'll try to do something that would take away boredom. It's sunny outside and the weather are just fine. The weather forcaster said lastnight that there will be a very super strong typhoon today but I dont see any signs of typhoon right now. It might go to any directions not heading here in Phil. Well, I just hope it wont come here specially in Manila area because they'd been truamatize already due to Ondoy typhoon last week. Let the typhoon come in GEnsan if it insist to get here in Phil. hehe joke!
We never experience any typhoon or calamities here because General Santos City is incircled with huge high mountains that protects us from any typhoon or calamities. Our main problem here is the terrorist who does the bombing when they want to take revenge when there high commander died in battle agaisn't the philippine militaries. But nature calamities is too far from here and we never had it here just heavy rains that's all but it doesn't give any major damages like in Luzon area.
I miss my darling John already..
honey, when you read this I wanna say
Good morning!
I love you so much
and im giving you lotss of
kissess mmwaahhhh! hehe
ok i'll sign off now.
Adios mi amor! hasta manana.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Expiration of my lucky internet card

Since my lucky internet card got empty, my blog page was also frozen for a couple of days. Many times I planned to update this but I was took over my laziness. Got to wake up by 4:30 or 5 o'clock in the morning so I can just use the off peak internet connection. I used to update this page at night time before going to bed but now I had to wake up early when ever I wanted to update my blog.
Lately, I'd been doing my exercises consistently aside from walking. I included the steps of going up and down from the stairs. My foot was getting sore but its ok it will just gone later when I get used to it.
Yesterday, while I was doing my exercise in the morning, I was being bugged by my conscience for not giving much of my time to my darling John. We were chatting that morning and an hour after I asked him to let me go so I can do my exercise because the Sun was rising already and it would be so hot to do the walking if doing it by 8 o'clock am. My conscience said, ' why not do your exercise alternately instead of giving less time to John. '
I was thinking of doing my exercise alternately while I was chatting with him but the other side of my mind said, ' you have to do your new exercise by 3 consecutive straight days then alternate later so it will take effect. ' That is why I just carry on. Today would be my 3rd times of doing it straightly which means, tomorrow I can give enough time for my darling John to chat online.
I love him so much and Im so contented to have him, to love him and live with him forever until I get very old.
The other two past days was just simply boring that is why I included new steps of exercise. I also sign in at AVON women company so I can avail discounts of there products that I used to patronise like perfume, lotion, shampoo, body wash, lipstick and my undies. More of my personal used are from Avon that's why I decided to sign in. I got 25% discount right away when I purchase there products. And if somebody wants to order Avon products from me, I can have the 25% discount of there payments. That's part of my benefits given to me by Avon as being an FD... hehe got an extra income if somebody will order Avon products from me. The possible target market I considered are my mom, my two sis-in-law, our housemaid and my brother's housemaids and our track men. I just hope they will order something from Avon so I can have extra income.
I think this is enough for now.. today I will be doing my exercise again then afterwards cleaning our rooms, and thinking what else to do.. hehe I love you so much my darling John.. kissess mmwaahh! speak online tomorrow..