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Monday, October 5, 2009


This morning mom and I went at Robinsons Place of Gensan to witness their grand opening together with these two famous celebrities; Dawn & Donita. The day was so hot and humid with lots of people inside the supermarket and department store area. Later on we decided to transfer at KCC Mall instead its because Robinsons was too crowded. Even inside was very humid it makes us nearly feel dizzy. And the road was been so traffic like there's an accident going on in the middle of the road. Morning until afternoon the traffic never change. I was so excited when mom and I was on our way to go at Robinsons but when we get there our mood suddenly change. Some price of there products is a bit expensive compared to other malls although some are cheaper. But if I were to chose, I would still go at Gaisano or Kcc Mall its huge and relaxing and the price is just fine. As you can see I only have one photo posted which is in super market area its because we were in a hurry to avoid the approaching heavy traffic. I wasn't enjoying at all when we get there. They have some selected discounted items but I dunno... I can't tell exactly what I feel... I don't think I will love to go shopping there.....
Before these thing started, I woke up with my darling's text msg telling his online already waiting for me. While we were chatting I made him feel sad for a bit its because I wasn't smiling but later on it changes my mood and I gave him a smile. Sometimes I don't really smile when I just woke up because my face gets tight and it hurts the skin when I smile right away. But there are really times that I don't like to smile when I'm moody specially when my monthly period is coming. Ok, I don't have much to tell now...hehe I just wanna say that I love you so much my John and I'm sorry if sometimes I'm moody but don't worry it doesn't mean I'm cross... I still love you and my love for you never fades away its because I love you so much... you are my missing piece that completes my happiness.. I'm going to sleep now.. chat to you tomorrow my love.. kisses mwaaahh!

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  1. oh..i thought day at least 3 floors, 1st floor ra diay... hmmm...totaly change na jud dha oi...hay can't wait to go home and see all the changes...but we'll see about that.. miss you..thanks for the update always ha