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Thursday, October 29, 2009


I'm about to sleep now but I want to update my blog first so my darling has something to read when he gets home later. This morning after chatting with him, I went out with dad, kentoy and my elder bro at Olaer swimming resort to cool down since it was indeed very humid this morning. Around 1 pm we went back home. I felt very sleepy and tired since I was doing my exercise through swimming. I tried to send an sms first to my darling John before I decided to take an afternoon nap. It was already nearly 5 pm when I woke up. I checked my phone right away and I got 2 msg from my honey. I was wondering why 2 msg but when I read it, the first msg ain't done yet when it was send so thats why my honey had send another msg again telling how much he loves' me so much. I took a shower afterwards and have a hot choco drinks to warm up my tummy. Then I watched tv news to see what's happening to other places of Phil. I've seen burned houses and in the other part of a place is a burned building from Manila area and also in Cebu area, one from the hospital the energy generator blow up suddenly and also in the factory of clothes and flip-flops it burns so badly. The owner were almost indangered. There is also a new typhoon coming that will hit somewhere in Luzon area this coming all souls day.
Thats all for now..
But before I sign off, I want to say how much I love my honey John. Im so happy chatting with him this morning and the photos I've seen from Ibiza was indeed nice. I love you so much my love of my life. Tomorrow I'll be cooking spagette again its because tomorrow is Quiarra's first bday my elder bro's baby girl. But even if I get busy tomorrow you will never be forgotten because you always pass through my mind every single hour and day. That's because I love you my darling. okies signing off now..I have to wake up early tomorrow so I can go to church with the bday celebrant... hehe kisses honey mwaahh!

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  1. aw..i'm so sad to hear all the calamities sa luzon part ay.... sige lang at least nag swim2x ka ulit day....