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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just fine Sunday

While I was waiting my pc to download the windows just now, I saw a big mosquito at the wall. It looks very unusual so I automatically slap it with my flip-flops. I wonder where the smallest alligator's been...hehe They just missed eating this big big mosquito with almost the same size of a " Piyangaw " an insect that smell so horrible.

Regardless of what I said just now, I wasn't thinking of updating my blog today since I don't have much to share for now. But when I read my darling's updates, it motivates me to post an updates too. I was smiling while reading his blog... It reminds me of a friend who also left her key inside her car... hehe my darling is getting forgetful.. I wonder where his mind flew.. It might be to somebody else.. hmmm joke! hehe. Sometimes I love to tease him during our chatting when I dont have something to tell like accusing him of having somebody else in his house...hehe I can see how his facial expressions reacted exaggely... hehe I just wanted to brake the ice. But I do trust him. There can't be love without trust in a relationship.
This morning I went at the church with my mom to hear a holy mass. Then later, I cleaned our rooms, wash my undies and fave shirts, took a shower afterwards, eat a little as my breakfast-lunch meal then I took a nap. When I woke up, I took my phone to sms him but my phone was flat. So I recharge it and wait until the battery gets full. If my darling did not tell me that he has an updates today, I might not post an updates here too because I was thinking he will update his blog later so I didn't turn on my pc this morning.

That's all for now... I'm getting sleepy... hehe I love you so much my darling John. Please tell Louise that I say happy birthday and I wish her all good things in life. Kisses my love mwahh! speak later.. wake me up.. hehe until


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