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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Excited reading my darling's dream

I just woke up and I turn on my pc right away. I'm so excited to read my darling's dream about us. When I read it, it was indeed so very nice dream. It will come true one day I'm sure of it.. hehe so we're expecting a baby girl as our first offspring then. hehe
Dream is sometimes a message of the things that will possibly happen in the future. It give's you a sign or a hint or a meaning towards the future event. Or it can just be simply a dream without meaning at all.
Last night I didn't have a chance to update my blog because I was been busy typing the prayers to be memorize by my darling. And also I was typing about the message of Mother Mary she gave to the 3 children in Poland I think. Im not sure where was it happened. But while im reading it my hairs seems growing up. As I think about the past horrible event happening it seems related to the message of Mother Mary. I will email this to the friends I know and its up to them to read and believe it. I just want them to know what could be the possible happen if the people carry on doing an evil works and taking for granted about God. The message doesn't force you to believe .. its up to the people to believe it or not. They can chose their own choice. The message I got here is written in Tagalog language I will just translate this in English when my darling gets here so he would also know what's in it.
One day I dreamed to have an ideal family. A family that has a strong bonding to each other. A family close to God. I want my future children and my husband to be to also believe what I believe in God and Mother Mary. I want them to learn how to pray everyday before going to sleep. I want to live with them in a simple life and hopefully my future children will have a good friends that won't led them into doing evil works like discremination, lust, being pagan and other more.
I think im almost get cut off.. I will updated this again later. I love you so much my John. kisses mwaahh! speak later.


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