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Friday, October 2, 2009

Expiration of my lucky internet card

Since my lucky internet card got empty, my blog page was also frozen for a couple of days. Many times I planned to update this but I was took over my laziness. Got to wake up by 4:30 or 5 o'clock in the morning so I can just use the off peak internet connection. I used to update this page at night time before going to bed but now I had to wake up early when ever I wanted to update my blog.
Lately, I'd been doing my exercises consistently aside from walking. I included the steps of going up and down from the stairs. My foot was getting sore but its ok it will just gone later when I get used to it.
Yesterday, while I was doing my exercise in the morning, I was being bugged by my conscience for not giving much of my time to my darling John. We were chatting that morning and an hour after I asked him to let me go so I can do my exercise because the Sun was rising already and it would be so hot to do the walking if doing it by 8 o'clock am. My conscience said, ' why not do your exercise alternately instead of giving less time to John. '
I was thinking of doing my exercise alternately while I was chatting with him but the other side of my mind said, ' you have to do your new exercise by 3 consecutive straight days then alternate later so it will take effect. ' That is why I just carry on. Today would be my 3rd times of doing it straightly which means, tomorrow I can give enough time for my darling John to chat online.
I love him so much and Im so contented to have him, to love him and live with him forever until I get very old.
The other two past days was just simply boring that is why I included new steps of exercise. I also sign in at AVON women company so I can avail discounts of there products that I used to patronise like perfume, lotion, shampoo, body wash, lipstick and my undies. More of my personal used are from Avon that's why I decided to sign in. I got 25% discount right away when I purchase there products. And if somebody wants to order Avon products from me, I can have the 25% discount of there payments. That's part of my benefits given to me by Avon as being an FD... hehe got an extra income if somebody will order Avon products from me. The possible target market I considered are my mom, my two sis-in-law, our housemaid and my brother's housemaids and our track men. I just hope they will order something from Avon so I can have extra income.
I think this is enough for now.. today I will be doing my exercise again then afterwards cleaning our rooms, and thinking what else to do.. hehe I love you so much my darling John.. kissess mmwaahh! speak online tomorrow..

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  1. well i'm sure masabtan kas imong john day.... at least para di ka muchubby diba... kana jud pang negosyo samtang naa paka dha... extra sideline... miss u