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Thursday, October 8, 2009


It's so nice to wake up in the morning and read a nice messages in my Darling's blog. Right after a woke up I turn on my pc get connected to internet then check my darling's updates. I dreamed of him which makes me get awake a bit early like nearly 6 am. I dreamed he was playing poker and I wasn't with him. When I fetch him, he stood up where he was sitting and approach towards me and gave me hugs and kiss. I ask him are you winning? he just gazed at me and smile a little. I knew the answer was 'no' so I ask his opponent how much he losses. They never answered me the amount but instead, an idiomatic answers. So my mind says, ok thats 500 then. It makes me frown for a bit and I told him, give me a minute to play so we can recover what you just loose. After saying it, I woke up and had a wee. I never sleep back again and decided to check his blog cause he told me yesterday that he'll gonna update his blog today. It gave's me smile after reading his updates. He told me to dream of him and I just did! hehe... I had a nice time chatting with him yesterday. I miss him so much and looking around his room makes me feel like i'd been there too... hehe

I don't have new photos to post here so I just pick up an old sweet photo of us. That photo was taken the day my darling arrives at Davao City, Phil. I remember he took so long to get out inside the airport building. All passengers are already gone but I couldn't still see him. My bam got sore waiting for him to walk out. It took an hour before he showed up and it makes me so happy seeing him again personally. That was indeed so overwhelming happiness to hug him and kiss him again for real. He was in trouble for an hour inside the airport building due to his negligence... hehe whatever it is, it was his fault... hehe okies enough. I dunno what to do today yet but doing house chores is part of my daily routine. I love you lots my darling John. Speak tomorrow. I miss you as usual and always... I love you soooooooooo much! kisses mmwahhh! adios for now..!


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