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Monday, June 27, 2011

To Mistica From your love

Darling i took these photos today, i hope you like them, mistica i love you so much and miss you my beautiful love, mwahhhhhhh mwahhhhhhhhh love john..

ps it was a lovely day here today in the UK 28 degrees....

Friday, June 24, 2011

Feast day of St. John and my green mango

I just had done ironing clothes. I felt so tired and sleepy now. As soon as I get done posting my updates I will right away off to bed.

This morning after chatting with my darling and checking face book, I straightaway do my walking exercise then the riding of bicycle. While I was roaming around the vicinity of lagao area, I saw a fruit stand selling green mango. Instantly, I felt urge to buy 2 of it. Afterwards, I rush away going back home so I can eat it since my sputum is drifting thinking how yummy and crunchy it is hehe. I took some pictures of the green mango together with myself. And since it’s the feast day of St. John the baptizer, my nieces and nephews were enjoying their bath outside with their respective basin. That’s it darling. I love you my John mwah! Speak later for further details of my day today (but there isn’t really any other interesting stories aside from what I’d posted here). hehe ok im off now. Love you darling mwah!

This is my 2 green mango

Thats my latest pic i took this morning

One mango is already skinned.

Two mango already sliced with sweet cooked tiny shrimps

Thats me again ready to eat my crunchy sweet and sour mango.

My nieces and nephews enjoying the feast of st. John the baptizer

Mikiela, Steve, Quiarra and Mckenzie