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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Christine Amor in her 30's

I decided to go to Amor's birthday yesterday at Malapatan, Saranggani Province. Mary Ann and Shella were waiting for me quite long enough at the terminal here in public market of baranggay lagao. They were moaning when I arrived because there were two jeepneys that we already missed. But still they were happy that I indeed joined with them. I didn't took enough photos becuase we have gone busy doing our chitchats...hehe There's a wine from Spain but I didn't taste it... only Shella tasted it and she said, 'hmmph it taste like horrible it seems like for men's wine.' she said she could not taste any sweetness like the other wines... so I never tried. Well, thats all I can say I have to go to church now for it is Sunday here. I love You my darling John mwaahhh! (my darling is invading my blog becuase he forgot his username and password in his own blog site hehe we could not retrieve it anymore for some reason we don't know why so we are sharing my blog now).

A wine that taste odd

Me and Mary Anne

Shella and I

Shella and her daughter Princess Infinity

Shella, Mary Anne and Amor

Mom & Dad Woodcock house & pets

darling i took these's photos today

boths rabbits

mom's cat

and only one guinea pig because i could find the other 1 because it was hiding hehe

love you mistica mwah sleep well darling chat later on skype

love john xoxoxoxox

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yesterdays and Today Updates

My darling was giving me pictures of what to expect when I get to there place. As you can see there is a caravan outside his house that sells tradetional Fish-and-Chips every thursday only but in his company the place where he works they can have it free every friday. Next to this picture below is my darling's house then followed by the road going to Mom and Dad's Geoff house. Today I am like a doubting Thomas wethere to attend Christine Amor Alba's birthday or not because there house is a bit far about 1 km away from A-Montana Resort (formerly Isla Parilla) and I am also having my monthly period. I'll just see later if I can already decide. I will surely take pictures if I will go. Thats all for now nothing much really goin on here just a normal ordinary day to day simple living.

Yesterday I was in Facebook and I saw Brian posting pictures during their visit here, and while I was looking at the pictures, I saw a photograph of our baranggay's public market and the vehicles we used to ride as our main mode of transportation as you can see below.

over loaded passengers only in the Phil. hehe

When I am so bored I and Foks used to go in our garage lot where we park

out trucks next to it there is a vacant lot with a Lumboy tree that bears a dark violet fruit

like a seedless grapes. It taste sweet and funny when you eat lots.

Sometimes when I don't feel like going out, I often tried to wear make up

and test if I can make it like a professional make up artist. hehe I love my self

so much. I am so proud of everything that I possess. I may have lots of imperfections

and not successful like others but each one of us is created differently with a purpose

that is why each individual are unique. I have no insecurities over my self and towards

other people around me for I am so BEAUTIFUL hahah. No DOubts. hahah

This is it! hehe I Love You So Much My Darling John mwaaahhhhhh!

Friday, July 29, 2011

thursday 28/7/2011 my supper

this was posted by john woodcock

darling mistica i love you, these's are photos of traditional fish and chips from uk hehe
love you myti,,,,,love you myti,,,,,,love you myti

Sunday, July 17, 2011

painting our bedroom

Hello my Lovely Mistia, today after i got back from the bank i decided

to paint our bedroom and make its nice for you when you arrive here in the Uk. i will also be repainting the other rooms aswell and try to make it more like a family home.

love you Mistica Mwahhhhhh

Love john xoxoxoxoxox