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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Christine Amor in her 30's

I decided to go to Amor's birthday yesterday at Malapatan, Saranggani Province. Mary Ann and Shella were waiting for me quite long enough at the terminal here in public market of baranggay lagao. They were moaning when I arrived because there were two jeepneys that we already missed. But still they were happy that I indeed joined with them. I didn't took enough photos becuase we have gone busy doing our chitchats...hehe There's a wine from Spain but I didn't taste it... only Shella tasted it and she said, 'hmmph it taste like horrible it seems like for men's wine.' she said she could not taste any sweetness like the other wines... so I never tried. Well, thats all I can say I have to go to church now for it is Sunday here. I love You my darling John mwaahhh! (my darling is invading my blog becuase he forgot his username and password in his own blog site hehe we could not retrieve it anymore for some reason we don't know why so we are sharing my blog now).

A wine that taste odd

Me and Mary Anne

Shella and I

Shella and her daughter Princess Infinity

Shella, Mary Anne and Amor


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