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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fine day

I just done chatting with my darling awhile ago and now im here updating my blog.
I'm so happy his webcam works fine today because the other past few days it keeps freezing. Yesterday I made him worried too much but I didn't intended to make him worried about me. I was waiting to recieve my eload but it took so long its because the lady who does the eload forgot to load it. When I get home from the church I got 5 miss calls from my darling already but when he phones me again he was relieved from worryness... hehe I love you so much my John and dont worry when it took me so long to text you because im just waiting for my phone credit to load and sometimes the network is in trouble. That's just the main reason why I took so long sometimes to text you.
Today, after blogging I will be cleaning our rooms and I'll try to do something that would take away boredom. It's sunny outside and the weather are just fine. The weather forcaster said lastnight that there will be a very super strong typhoon today but I dont see any signs of typhoon right now. It might go to any directions not heading here in Phil. Well, I just hope it wont come here specially in Manila area because they'd been truamatize already due to Ondoy typhoon last week. Let the typhoon come in GEnsan if it insist to get here in Phil. hehe joke!
We never experience any typhoon or calamities here because General Santos City is incircled with huge high mountains that protects us from any typhoon or calamities. Our main problem here is the terrorist who does the bombing when they want to take revenge when there high commander died in battle agaisn't the philippine militaries. But nature calamities is too far from here and we never had it here just heavy rains that's all but it doesn't give any major damages like in Luzon area.
I miss my darling John already..
honey, when you read this I wanna say
Good morning!
I love you so much
and im giving you lotss of
kissess mmwaahhhh! hehe
ok i'll sign off now.
Adios mi amor! hasta manana.


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