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Monday, October 26, 2009

A plan for conversion

Today is Oct. 26th, Monday here 9:50 am as im typing in my laptop about the things running in my mind. I just woke up and I was thinking what will I do today. Then I suddenly remembered my John had told me he'll gonna post the photos from Ibiza a small Island of Spain where his mom and dad took there holiday last week. But I was surprised when I look on his page. It was a photos of me and him. The happy moments we got here during his second visit. But it doesn't dissapoint me because I love what he post there. I love it everytime he tells me how much he loves me just like the way I do to him. It made me smile after reading his posts. I was thinking to update mine tonight before going to bed but since I don't have much thing to do today, I decided to post now now... hehe

Yesterday was Sunday my John wakes me up almost 6 am telling his waiting for me to get on. I only have an hour and half to talk to him since I chose to go to church by 7:30 am. I am so happy chatting with him yesterday. One of our conversations was about converting him into a roman catholic. And i'm glad he listened to me to have his Baptism, Confessions, Holy communion, and Confirmation as soon as he gets back here by this coming Feb. 2010. I want him to recieve the 4 sacraments that I already possesed so by the time we get married at there place we can chose the Roman Catholic church without any impediments. We planned to get married at the church instead of civil wed. It makes me more comfortable if incase we can't get married here in Phil. at least we already have a blessing from God since we'd been married to the church already. So then, I already have one major plan what to do when he gets here...hehe

To be honest, I'm a kind of a woman who rarely make a long plan. A plan made before a week or months or a year is not in my vocabulary. I usually do an instant planning... hehe I planned a day before or in an actual day. Although I do plan sometimes like a month or a year to have or do this and that but it's all depends on the situations. I don't like the feelings of dissapointment. Thats why I make plan only when its very close to the day before the event. At least, it is certainly gonna happen. But like I said, it all depends in the situations. Because there are also things that needs to planned more than a months to make it well organize.

Well, thats all I can share for now... I'm thinking when will my darling John gonna post the photos from Ibiza.. hehe and I'm also thinking if my John is dreaming of me now since it is late night in his time now... I will just imagine that im there in his room looking at him and whispering : Honey, I love you - are you dreaming of me now? hehe. Okies i'll sign off now.. I will speak to him tomorrow and tell him to memorize the Apostles creed, Our father, Hail Mary and Glory be as his requirements to recieve the 4 sacraments in roman catholic.

Later again.
I love you lots my darling John
Kisses mmwahh!


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