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Thursday, October 15, 2009

I love You honey

I had a great time chatting with my honey this morning. But I didn't stay long online because I still have to do my daily exercise before the Sun gets hotter. While I was doing my walking, Fhoks was also busy trimming the grasses. The sun shine and hide in the clouds every single minute. It doesn't makes me get so sweat at all since the weather is not that humid. The sun was a bit gloomy and its a bit windy. You can already feel the spirit of Christmas. Is it really the spirit of Christmas? or just an aura of another super typhoon coming? I've seen in TV news patrol awhile ago that there's another super typhoon coming here in Phil.. This time is more stronger than the two typhoon that had been here before. And the main target is still in central Luzon area. It was forecasted that it will come by this coming Saturday. I just hope it will go to another directions going up to Luzon area. Like I said before, Mindanao is so far from any typhoon. So we don't really bother when there is typhoon coming but it makes us worried about the rapid fluctuations of food pricing. It is expected that prices of rice and any basic commodities will go higher because of the floods. It ruins the rice plantations and as well as the farms. Well, prayer is still the strongest weapon to fight against any trials that comes along our way. There is no impossible to God if we just ask Him and trust with Him. Ok, I'm off to bed now.. but before I finish this, I want to tell the whole world that I love my darling John so much! hehe ... I miss you honey. Kisses mwahhh!


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