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Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy and tired

I was surprised this morning when my sister-in-law Lyn-lyn shouted at my window saying I got a letter. I was taking a shower when she told me about it so I said to her to recieved it. I was so excited and get hurry to finish taking shower because I know its gonna be my John's parcel for me. My two sister-in-law Lyn-lyn and Lalai and my mom was so excited to see the photos that I told them. There were so amazed when they saw the photos and they uttered;
' it looks like in America. ' The usual scene they saw in american movie. I was also looking at the two maps givin to me by my darling's mom. My darling's hand writing and his mom's handwriting looks almost the same I beat John got more of his mom's genes. The photos was so nice I've seen the whole family tree of my darling. And also some nice scenes in there place. It was so nice I even keep looking at the photos.

Before lunch time, I went at Avon company to get the orders of my customers [ my two sis-in-laws and the housemaids. ] When I get there I was also surprised because I didn't expect there were lots of people in there. It took almost 5 hours before I reach at the cashier. I missed my lunched already good thing I ate my breakfast before I went there. When I get back home I already have a message from my darling. He sms me twice already. I was really so tired standing there at Avon co. waiting my turn. When I get home I rush to the kitchen and eat my lunch-supper meals then I replied to my darling's sms. I couldn't tell him why it took me so long to text him and about the parcel yet because it would take long sms if I would tell him exactly what happen to my day awhile ago... I dont have extra load for long sms... hehe and besides, tomorrow we will be chatting so I just decided to tell him during our chatting tomorrow..

Im going to sleep now.. I can't make this long Im so tired already.. I just wanna say, as usual, that I'm so in love with my darling john so much! I love you my love! kisses mwahh! see yah later in yahoo.. hehe gotta sleep now... thanks for the parcel my darling specially the photos and the maps please say thanks to your mom I like it so much.. It was indeed very nice.. okies im off now.


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