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Saturday, September 26, 2009

My finger nails

I'm waiting for my hair to dry up, so I was thinking of updating my blog.
Lately, it keeps raining here so hard during the day until 4 o'clock in the afternoon then it stop for an hour then it carry on raining at night time. But there's no lightning nor thunder storm when it rains. In Metro Manila there were 33 barangays affected by a huge floods due to a hard rains for two consecutive days. The roads were covered by floods and the floods almost reaches at the roof of the houses. It does cause to much trouble to the people living there.Good thing our place here in Gensan doesn't make too much floods over the roads anymore when it rains so hard. So much for that, I coated my finger nails with an ice mocha color and cut them at both corners to make it more attractive. I took a photo of it so I can post it here in my blog. hehe I did nothing much yesterday and today because it keeps raining and it is so inconvenient to go out neither to do my walking exercise. Tomorrow is Sunday already and its Melqui's b-day my youngest brother. He'll be turning 17 years old. I'll be cooking spagetti again for long life as what an old folks say so... hehe okies, my hair is dry now I can go to bed and sleep.. I'll be chatting with my darling John tomorrow. I love you so much my love... as usual, wake me up with your text msg.... kisses mwahhhhh! I miss you lots honey!


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