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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Food.. food..foods

I tried to post photos here awhile ago and i was updating it also but it didn't work out.
So what i did, was searching a nice blog template. But, im not contented what I have now. hmm bummer! but anyways, im going to post photos later when I get new ones.
I feel so uncomfortable and unsatisfied over what I did today. How I wish my John is in my side now so I can just kiss him and hug him and tell him 'I love You HOney!'..hehe
I dont have much to tell, food is already prepared downstairs so I must eat now
its gonna be delicious because they had varient kind of food prepared by my cousin's soon to be husband. She's getting married and the bf ask her parents permission but her dad didn't want to accept him inside there house so it is held here in our house. Her mom is my mom's younger sister and she ask my mom's opinion about the marriage plan. Thats all for now..

1 comment:

  1. hehe that was a good stoey and yes baby i love you too and i miss holding you and kiss you. i am glad you are my girlfriend and you make me so happy to be loved by you mistica. mwaah john and myti forever........