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Friday, September 11, 2009

Kentoy's 3rd Bday

Im feeling so exhausted right now.. we're celebrating Kentoy's 3rd birthday and I was helping my mom cooking foods for dinner awhile ago.. Dinner is just over.. thanks God I can relax now..

This morning my darling and I were chatting online and I had a great time spending with him. He showed me the photos and the letter of her mom for me.. can't wait to have it... can't wait to meet them all too.. I gotta sore back just now.. I will not make this long.. here are the photos during B-day celebration of McKenzie a.k.a Kentoy.. its not enough because of the insufficient fund.. hehe enjoy the photos and adios! Love you honey..!

Small cake because of global recession... hehe

There's a big candle because there was a brown out before we begin our dinner.

Kentoy's doesn't know where to look insufficient light

Kentoy's elder half bro.

Kentoy is immitating his bro.

Kentoy's little sister

My cousin... my niece and nephew from my younger bro..

1 comment:

  1. Small cake but good food... hay.. i missed pinoy foods....asa naman ang lechon? love the chocolate cake too...