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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our new yard

As time goes by, you cannot predict what a person's mind wants to happened. Just like the changes made by dad to our yard. Before, it was all sand and he planed to cover it with all grass. Then years passed by, he changes his plan and made it all concrete with a little garden. Another years after, this little garden has now a little concrete fence. See how my father changes his mind of making his yard looking better? he always want it to look nice and relaxing. He does all the gardening of plants but no veggies... hehe he take's care of his plants everyday and he even said, we should also love gardening because flowers and plants can make your house even more beautiful because a plants with a flowers are so pleasing in our eyes..
My darling John has a plants in his back yard but I think its just all green leaves without a flower... hehe buts its better than no plants at all.
Awhile ago there was a sudden brown out again around 7 pm.. we were watching TV news patrol then it suddenly shut off.. this might be the effect of the signal number typhoon somewhere here in Phil.. or maybe the electric company wants the consumer's electric bills goes higher.. hmmph! My day was a bit boring I did nothing much aside from doing an exercise and writing a prayer.. and speaking of ' prayer', do you know what to pray first when we light a candle at the church during our birthday? Before we celebrate our birthday, we used to go to the church and hear the holy mass. After the holy mass, we light a candle outside were we can put a lightened candles for our wishes.. If you dont know yet how to start your prayer, here's a prayer before lightning a candle:
O God, source and origin of all light, accept this candle as a symbol of my love. Inflame my heart with your grace that I may walk on that road of virtues and glorify you all my life. Please help me in my needs [ mention your petitions or wishes ] Through Jesus Christ your son and mother Mary, Amen.
I just dont have something else to blog so I was thinking of sharing my knowledge about this little thing... im happy to share my knowledge to everyone and to learn what they also knew...
When I woke up this morning, I'd check my blog right away because my darling said he'll gonna post a blog here but I see no updates yet.. hehe the last updates he made was about Louise engagement.. Louise is his youngest sister.. this is all for now.. I will be chatting my darling tomorrow.. I miss you honey! speak later mwah!
Below is the photos of our yard.. enjoy watching.. Buenos noches!

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  1. ooi day, the garden looks even better,, that means masking may party mo di na matumban ang yuta nga part.. which is safe for the plants too... your house looks beautiful na jud day...