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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just being in the mood

I was about to sleep but the other side of my mind bugs me up not to sleep yet. So here I am updating my blog just typing any thing that comes' up to my mind. I dunno why im in the mood to blog.. maybe because the night is not so humid now.. it rains awhile ago when I was about to do my walking exercise.. and worst, I eat a lot during our supper... tsk.. tsk.. I need more exercise tomorrow... oh yeah, tomorrow is Sunday here and there's a big fight between Marquez from Mexico and Mayweather Jr... the world might gonna stop revolving tomorrow because of this big event boxing.. hehe
Lately, I feel like im getting oldy and my mind is getting so matured.. and maybe later on, wrinkles would be visible... I dont want to get old honestly, it makes me scared though because I dont have an offspring's yet... hehe joke! Im thinking what if, im a genius? maybe im already a Philosopher, a writer, a psychic, a linguistic and an artist now... yez, all of these I mentioned is what I want to be if only im eager and have a chance to achieve it... but sometimes im lazy and I dont have motivation to stimulate me for doing so. I love to observe things around me and to think of the possible reason why this things happen. But I dont like to share what's on my mind unless im being asked or if im in the mood to share it. hehe Often times, when I watch tv or when I went outside and see things that would capture my attention my mind suddenly runs into a questions and then formulate a conclusions.. people may think im just ignoring what I saw but honestly, I do wonder why.... ok, enough for now, I want to text my darling to tell him how much I love him.. and get ready to sleep so I will not keep on yawning while chatting with him tomorrow... I love you my darling john.. mwah!


  1. hehe. nice post baby i love what you say.....anyway let me go now because i will be going online to chat to you mistica. see you now now on yahoo. love john

  2. this what you are if you don't feel sleepy at night? hehehehe... you amazed me with your entry.... keep going and keep getting inspired....