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Sunday, November 22, 2009


Yesterday was just a fine day for me. I woke up early and had my sit ups exercise then the walking. While doing the walking I'm thinking of my darling too. I can feel he seems worried I dunno because when he told me that he dreamed a chicken I suddenly think that it could be a problem. When I read the interpretation of his dream, I was right, it is something like a worriness over something I dunno but its about the future to come. My darling and I, had an opposite dreamed. Before he dream about the chicken, I dreamed a tiger standing before me and staring at me in a very calm posture. There are two interpretation of dreaming a tiger. If you have dreamed a wild tiger, that is a reminder of a problem coming, but, if you dreamed a calm tiger, that mean, a goodluck if you will run a business and a positive energy for the coming future. I never think of a problem as a problem because it will just makes me worried. As long as there is a solution in this problem then why worried? and besides, there is some other things that when you think about it, it seems like a problem, but when you think it over from the very beggining why it becomes a problem, you will notice it ain't a problem at all. Sometimes we are just making thing a problem when in fact it isn't. So whenever you get a problem, try to think from the very beggining why this thing become a problem. And if it is indeed a problem, think of the possible solution then worry not no more.
After doing my exercise, I was thinking of talking a photos about the changes of our yard. As you can see the photos below, the posts has a long chairs now and the garden with a little fence are full of grass now before it was just a plants and a black sand.hehe
Later will be my darling's bday.. I wish I was with him so I can hug and kiss him and whisper Happy Birthday HOney... dont worry about your age its just an age.. hehe i have to end this now my darling is texting me to get online now now... I love you so much my John. kissess mwaahh!

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  1. oh that' s really nice and clean na jud tanawon inyong balay day...wa nay lapok