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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas tree and phone call

I just done enhancing the photos I took just awhile ago. This morning I was doing my exercise before I do the house chores. Then by afternoon, I'd been busy decorating our Christmas tree. But I never miss thinking of waking up my darling through sending him sms. I took a shower afterwards then I had a little exercise again before eating my supper. I also watch America's Next Top Model then later on I went at Lyn-lyn's house together with mom, lalai and our housemaids to do our daily prayer like praying rosary. After we had done our prayer, I decided to take a photos of our Christmas tree before thinking of updating my blog. I checked my phone too before going downstairs and I saw 4 missed calls from my darling. I feel a bit sad for a moment because I miss to answer my John's phone call. But I said to my mind maybe he will phone me again later... so I carry on taking photos downstairs. When I was in my room downloading the photos, my phone ring's again and I feel so happy cause I knew it is from my darling. heheh Im so happy to hear his voice.. I love him so much and im missing him terribly.

I'm going to sleep now...later again...I love you so much my darling John.. speak later.. and dont forget Im thinking of you most of the time day by day and most of all, I love you lots...kiss mwaahh!
Below are the photos I took awhile ago... enjoy watching.....

1 comment:

  1. sus day may paka nakatukod na inyong xmas tree..ako dre intawon sige pamugos kang jeff di jud ang kanahan di man pud ko mualsa sa bug-at nga xmas tree kay tua mas basement gibutang sa usa... later na daw mi mag put up sa xmas tree ug lights inig after thanksgiving.. ana jud na dre.. ahay..m aong wait nlng ko intawon... excited na jud biya kaayo ko ay...