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Saturday, November 14, 2009

A little bit busy me

I was been busy today.. after chatting with my darling, I took a shower and had my breakfast. Then I went at Avon company to get the order of Batiti the six toes. I was shocked when I get inside because I thought there's only few FD [Franchise Dealer] when it's Saturday but there are still lots of FD in there. I didn't stay long inside Avon when the lady had told me that there is no more stocks of a gift set silver bracelet and necklace anymore. So then, I decided to go at Gaisano Mall to buy the sandals that I planned to buy but unfortunately, there is no more available sizes' aside from size 7. There are two other styles but it looks so ugly. I spend my time looking at the other brands of sandals until I found something better and at the same time, very comfy. I just hope my darling will like it. But I dont want to show it to him yet since I want it to be suspense. When I arrived home, it was already almost 3 o'clock... I took a nap for awhile and I woke up by almost 5pm and it rained hard for awhile. I read my darling's text message and it took me so long to reply because I have to wait till the rain stop. I wasn't feeling well before I had my afternoon nap but when I woke up, It makes me feel better. Right now, I miss my JOhn so much.. I'm longing to hug and kiss him... I love him so much.. I love you honeyyyyyyyy....hehe this is all for now... later again darling.. xoxoxo mwaahh!

1 comment:

  1. sige lang day, just not your day ra tingali... ang importante kay nakapalit kag sandal nga nice...