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Monday, November 2, 2009

Went out with my sis

Im so happy reading my darling's recent updates here in my page. It's been awhile since the last time a posted a blog here. But now here I am updating it. I have a great time chatting with my darling this morning, and as usual, love is getting stronger as time goes by for both of us. 3 months and 10 days left we wil be together again.. yeeehhhhaaahhh! hehe I feel extremely excited deep inside my heart. After chatting with my honey, I cleaned my room and to my youngest bro and sis room then I took a shower and went at Gaisano mall with Melody. We hang up there for about 3 hrs. because it took so long for my youngest sis to find a jeans that suits' to her taste and that would fit on her too. I think she's getting bigger since size 27 neither 29 wont fit on her anymore. She's now wearing a jeans size 30. hehe mine is 31 haha. I also bought 2 shirts as a replacement of my 3 shirts that has been sold. Meanwhile we chose to have a lunch at Port Cafe which is still inside Gaisano mall. I treat Melody since I still have enough money left from the profit I got to my 3 shirts. Good thing we ate lunch before we go back home because nobody cook for lunch in the house. My parents aren't home yet when we arrived home. Melody was in a hurry to fit her jeans again and matched it with her new shirt. If I didn't help her finding a nice one she would probably gonna buy an ugly one. She had a bad taste oftentimes thats why she always ask me to acccompany her everytime she wants to buy a new shirts or jeans. When we're home, I watched tv downstairs for an hour then I went at the near by store to load a credit to my phone so I can send sms to my darling John. When I got his reply I start doing my walking exercise with a music from the video karaoke. My legs get sore when I finally stop walking. But I feel better everytime I do my walking exercise. It burns some of my unneeded calories and as well as fats. Night time comes and I have nothing else to do but to get inside my room to post my updates and getting ready to sleep. So I guess this is now an adios for now... later again. I'll update this again if I have something new to share. I dont want to update my blog if I would just say something like what I already said yesterday. One thing more, I'm so happy that my John is so eager to learn more of my language...hehe im teaching him the deep bisaya version. ok, getting sleepy now... I'll be signing off now now... later again. I love You lots my darling my honey my love John. You are in my day to day thoughts always because I'm in love with you darling! kissess mwaahh!

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  1. hello day, it is nice to hear from your update again. nalingaw jud kog basa sa gi blog ni john dre oi... nakatawa jud ko...