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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Day From John

Hello Mistica, after work my mom phoned me and asked if we are going to Norwich. as she doesnt like driveing there by herself, so i drove her there. we went to the shopping centre's because my mom want to buy a electric fire that stands against the wall and looks like a fire place with the wood and coal burning. while my mom was looking at the fireplace's i had a look at the televisions. hehe i saw a 63" tv flatscreen which would look good in my lounge so i asked the man which works in the shop TAG PILA NA he said it was 959 pounds hehe. but i had to insist in not buying it because i knew i had to spend my money wisely. instead i was thinking about my beautifull Mistica. GIHIGUGMA KO IKAW MISTICA. After my mom had finished shopping we went to the travel agents in norwich. i have booked my flight to Davao, i will be leaving Uk on the 10 of Febuary 2010 and arrive in Davao on the 11 feb 2010 at 15:55. so now its all done all i have to do now is wait untill the date comes for my departure. myti gwapa ka lagi and it will be nindot nga makiti ka otra. I hope i am doing this right because i am learning your language and i dont really know if i am using the correct terms but i think i have it correct. but .... mag huna - huma sa ka hehe yes i am correct.
I hope you...nalingaw ka ani mistica and ok nia na imong halok
unsa imong buhaton karon?
because i will be cleaning my house now after i have finished writing this, but i will be thinking about you myti. okies i hope to see that you have also updated your blog account.
i love you baby
love john allways and forever
ps kisses and hugs mwah

1 comment:

  1. agoy noy.. ka bisaya ba ni manoy dre... kana jud inday mistica.. tudlui jud aron di malibak basta-basta nya puhon...