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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So happy

I had a nice day today.. as I woke up this morning, I turned on my pc right away and I went downstairs to make a coffee. When I went back to my room, I was looking at the mirror staring at my face. I waited for my phone to beep but when it rings, I was wondering why my darling has to phone me instead of just texting me. I thought he text me long time ago and I just didn't notice his text message but when I ask him why does he phone me instead of texting me, he replied that he intended to phone me but the first ring wasn't answered so he text me then phoned again. I guess I was downstairs when he first ring my phone. It was so nice to hear my darling's voice again.. its been a bit long already since the last time he phoned me. I love him so much as usual...

After chatting with him, I cleaned my room and washed my clothes.. then I waited dad and my brothers to get home so I can collect there debts to me. As soon as I get paid, I went right away at Avon to get an order of my sis-in-law lalai then I went at Gaisano Mall to look for a nice sandals and something for my darling... while I was on my way heading at the foot wear area, I saw Nova's sis-in-law Lyn2x and her mom and her aunte. Her sis-in-law is also pregy and expected to deliver a baby same month with Nova. I stopped for awhile and have a little conversation with her while Nova's mom was trying to figure out my name.. hehe So much for that, it takes only few minutes for me to look for a nice sandals but when I proceed to another thing that I wanted to buy right away was taking me so long like almost an hour before I finally found it...hehe my darling know's what I mean.

My phone gone flat when I get home so it took me so long to sms my honey.. but i'm so happy right now because he just phone awhile ago before I started blogging just now. hehe He phoned me twice for this day...hehe Im so happy... well, I will not make this long cause I have to write something important.... I have to sign off now... later again... I love you so much my John and lots of kisses mmwahhh! I will be dreaming of you darling! kisses again mmwahh!

1 comment:

  1. hala day, you met my family in gaisano diay, unsay gipamalit? akong mader oi kay limtanon na tungod kay diabetic.. .loss memory na ato.. heheh... glad to hear your update...